What I Learned From Five Days Without My Phone

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Beyond The Silver and The Gold (1)

Last week, I attended Heal for Life Philippines. It is a five-day intensive residential program designed to help people heal from childhood issues and trauma. One of the major things they require is that we surrender our phones, not bring our laptops and not watch any TV while there. It was somehow a threat for me because I work online. I check my email everyday, am on Facebook daily and I just need – need to be able to communicate with my family. Since this is a requirement, I talked to my family about this, and with so much resistance, they finally agreed to let me go. I assured them that they can always contactRead more …

Philippine Homeschool Conference 2015 Children’s Workshops

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We’ve received questions on Facebook and emails inquiring about activities for kids at the Philippine Homeschool Conference 2015 Ready For The World! We couldn’t immediately reply because we were still in the process of working it out. Finally, we are happy to present several arts and crafts workshops for your children to choose from. Of course, we understand that we love to bring our kids with us almost everywhere we go. Attending a homeschool conference is definitely not an exception. At the same time, we encourage parents to make the most of their day at the conference. So while you’re absorbing new information and basking in inspiration from our group of speakers, let your kidsRead more …

Event: Philippine Homeschool Conference 2015 – Ready for the World!

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When you ask homeschool parents on the reasons why they have decided to teach their children at home, the reasons are plenty. Usually, you would hear a variation of these: It is God’s will that they teach their children at home. They would like to instill in their children a deep love for the Lord. They would like to instill in their children a love for lifelong learning. They would like to see their children soar according to their gifts and natural talents. They don’t want to put their children through the daily grind of going to school. They want to save money. They want to prepare their children for their future. There are manyRead more …

Homeschooling and Earning – Find Out How Through the H.O.P.E. Summit

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HOPE Summit

One of the questions that most homeschoolers ask is if it is possible to work and homeschool at the same time. We see plenty of homeschool families who live on a single income but there are more and more families expressing their desire to homeschool while also earning at the same time. Personally, I’ve been through both phases in our homeschool journey – for a while I was a full-time stay-at-home mom when our children were still young. As the years went by and we added more to our brood, needs are now larger and we find that living on a single income is no longer possible. I’ve had to work and homeschool at theRead more …

Event Invite: Our Homeschool Journey by Lorrie Battung

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Our Homeschool Journey by Lorrie Battung

When we were just a newbie homeschooling family, I was always searching for families or moms who have been done it before. In my mind, what better way to learn about homeschooling than hearing from someone who has been in the trenches. Someone who has been doing it for years, possibly even with children who have already finished homeschooling. Meeting women like this is always an assurance. It assures us that we can go on our own homeschooling journey and actually make it. It calms us down when we feel panicked or doubt if we are doing the right thing for our children. We get answers to questions that have been disturbing us. This JulyRead more …

Family Discipleship – For Such A Time As This

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Family Discipleship

Recently, our family experienced a test of our faith. I had undergone a trial involving other Christians which my kids observed. They watched me deal with the pain, saw me cry over it, saw my anger and how hard a time I had at first. They watched as I processed the whole thing, was able to forgive and is now moving forward again. As they watched, they also experienced the whole thing with me. It was painful, not only having to deal with what happened to me, but having to deal with the pain that my children felt over it. It was different for them. Being so young and idealistic, they thought that church isRead more …

Deped Alternative Learning System – A System Fit for Homeschoolers

Alternative Learning System for Homeschoolers

  This is an update of my previous post about Guitar Babe taking up DepEd ALS Exam. In my previous post, I wrote about how she was able to enroll in a college while she was waiting to take the exam. She took the exam last January 2015 and we waited with bated breath for the results. She was not very confident because she had a hard time with some of the Tagalog words. She admitted that there was a whole section of the exam that she just couldn’t understand because of the Tagalog statements. Don’t get me wrong please: my kids speak both English and Tagalog well but when it comes to deep-level TagalogRead more …

Glow City Zumba Marathon 2015

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  Register Online Here Dance, sweat and burn calories to the hottest beats in one of this year’s biggest Zumba events! Join Zumba Queen, Regine Tolentino and Zin instructors from different studios in a night of upbeat reverie at the Glow City Zumba Marathon to be held at the Quezon City Memorial Circle on April 11, 2015. For Glow City’s first leg, RGD Multi-Media & Productions, Inc. chose the Quezon City Memorial Circle as its venue due to its accessibility and for being a conducive location for fun and healthy physical activities. Everyone from fitness enthusiasts to those who just want to experience a healthy good time, male and female are invited. So come one,Read more …

The Seven Last Words of Jesus Christ at Grace Community Fellowship of Paranaque

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It’s Holy Week – that time when we remember the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross because He loved us so much. At that time 2000 years ago, Jesus had seven last words, which are actually sentences that Jesus said when He was hanging, suffering on the cross. What were these and what do they mean for us today? Are those words still relevant? If you happen to live in Paranaque and are staying home for the Holy Week, come and join us as we reflect on the Seven Last Words of Jesus Christ on April 3, 2015 at 3:00PM. Grace Community Fellowship of Paranaque is located at the 2nd Level Santana Grove, Parañaque, Philippines. Reflect andRead more …