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When I was still a very young student, sometime in the later elementary years, my classmates noticed that I was able to submit my reports or essays way ahead of everybody. They also noticed that I get very good grades with my essays. Thus began my love of writing.

Being an avid book-reader, I also love to see my own words put to paper. I always had a journal or a diary, as some may call it, all these years. Even as a very busy mother, I still found the time to sit down and write my thoughts. It lessened just a bit when I started blogging because I was able to express myself more in my blogs. I still kept my prayer journal, though, because those held most of my private prayers and thoughts about my life and family.

One of the funny things that resulted from all the writing I do is that I always get asked to write a paper for somebody. I remember in Grade 6, my classmates would ask me to write their essays for them. I never did, though. I would always tell them to write it themselves and I’ll just help in the grammar after they wrote it. I did this all through high school and then college. I didn’t want to be writing their papers for them, I just helped in the correction of grammars and sentence construction. I don’t know now if what I do can be called editing because I know that professional editors use a guide to edit. Correcting grammars and the writing style itself became something like a sideline for me, but without any pay.

When my husband and I were just dating, he came to me one day asking for help with their group’s paper. He gave me a yellow pad filled with a classmate’s writing. When I started checking it, I found I almost had to write the whole thing over. Nothing in it made sense! It was as if the writer was just wanting to get the words out there but had no skills in writing.

I just wish I had known then what I do know now – people actually charged a fee for writing or editing their papers. This is such a shocker to me because I had been doing the service for free! With the advent of internet, now any student can just go online and look for a paper-writing services. As long as the student has the money to pay, she can engage someone to write her paper.

One site I found is . This site guarantees that buyers will get a professionally- written, original term paper. If a student should decide to buy now , a high-school level term paper can be had for $13.00/ page. $13.00?!? I could have gotten rich in high school if I wrote my classmates’ term papers and charged for it. 

Well, that time has passed now. As a homeschool mom, I still hold true to my integrity. I still don’t write my children’s assignments for them. They will have to learn it themselves. Maybe someday, they may want to earn from their own writing skills in a legitimate manner as I do now.


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