My Health, Fitness and Vanity Goals

I’ve been working out for four weeks now but I haven’t worked on my goals yet. I don’t want to continue without pinning it down and writing it so that I always have something to go back to. I had a chat with my coach the other day about setting my goals and he advised me not to focus on the weight loss but on real goals such as live longer for my family and such. The weight loss should just be a bonus. Just yesterday when I was telling him how I felt much better and can move easier, he said I should think about how my internal organs are also improving. Honestly, I haven’t even started to think that far, but he’s right.

Before I set my goals, here are my stats on Feb. 7, 2014. I’m including the normal ranges for my height just for comparison.


Weight loss goals

Taken Mar. 5, 2014

  Mine: Normal Ranges:
Weight: 234.8 lbs 106.5 – 144 lbs
BMI: 40.3 18.5 – 25
% Body Fat: 50.8 18 – 28
Visceral Fat 18 (high)  
Body Measurements:  
Chest: 44.8″
Right Arm: 18.4″
Left Arm: 17.4″
Waist: 46.8″
Hip: 73.4″
Right Thigh: 30″
Left Thigh: 31.2″

Looking at these numbers, it is absolutely scary how huge and unhealthy I’ve become but I’m posting these so that I can see my reality and never forget how much I have treated myself badly in the last 19 years.


  • To live a longer, healthier and fuller life
  • To enjoy my family time better
  • To move faster, run and dance freely, unhindered by my size
  • To be a testimony of victory bringing back all the glory to God our Father


Target weight: 125 lbs

  • To lose 110 lbs in 55 weeks (based on a safe weight loss of 2 lbs per week)
  • To reach the normal ranges for my BMI, % Body Fat and visceral fat
  • To be healed of my asthma
  • Improve my overall cardiovascular health (Cardio Day with my coach scares me. My first cardio day had me panting for breath so hard I showed symptoms of hypoglycemia – nausea, dizziness, almost passing out. I don’t want to be slayed by Cardio Day anymore.)
  • To eat healthy or clean by learning healthy cooking and making good choices in the food we consume
  • To reduce our doctor visits and medicine intake


  • Run a 10K marathon with my blogger friend, Mama Cheryl, when she comes home from the USA. (still have to ask her when this is, but most likely next year)
  • To develop physical strength, stamina and flexibility


Here comes the fun part which I’m naming my Vanity Goals because these are purely for vanity.

  • To cross my legs from the knees – you may think that this is a strange goal, but for people like me who have large thighs, it’s very hard to cross our legs like slim women do. I can only cross my ankles, and that’s a bummer.

  • To shop for fabulous outfits in the regular sized section. I created this set via Polyvore and admittedly these are sexier than I can manage, but just imagine these showing a little less skin.
My Dream Dresses
  • I want to wear high heels again. This may not be a big deal to others, but being heavy has forced me to wear flats, chunky-heeled shoes and sandals. I’ve broken a number of heels in the past because of my weight. LOL!
My Dream Shoe Designs

I’d like to end this post with a graphic that my friend and accountability partner, Cheryl, shared with me on Facebook,

It’s not a matter of IF I will reach my goal, but only WHEN.

This is a promise to myself that I will stay on this course until I reach my goal, by God’s grace. How about you, my friend, have you created your own health, fitness and vanity goals? Comment and share your goals so we can spur each other on.


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May De Jesus-Palacpac

It is because of you, Cheryl and Patricia that I felt I can still do this. I was almost about to give up and just give in to being unhealthy but then you all just showed me that I wouldn’t be alone in this. I am so encouraged by you. So let’s go! Yahoo! I’m excited for you Michelle. I’ll be keeping up with your blogs, especially your health updates.

Michelle Padrelanan

Thanks for your support, May. Yes, you’re right, we all can do this together. 🙂

Wow! I was teary reading your goals mama Michelle! Your passion and commitment to yourself and your family is amazing! I saw your post today and it gave me the energy to get up at 5AM today (like I said I would) even though my warm bed was inviting me to sleep in instead. I didn’t want to miss a workout today even if I am swamped with duties through tomorrow. Your commitment and courage works! It will be an HONOR to run a 10k with you (and possibly mama May — hehehehe!) We GOT this because we are #mamastrong

Michelle Padrelanan

Wow, Mama Cheryl, because of my blog post you got the energy and motivation to get up at 5AM? That’s so cool. Let’s work towards that 10K run, you too, Mama May. We are #mamastrong.

Julieanne M.

You’re so smart to write up a set of goals for yourself! I love the goals you have set, and they seem realistic and life-giving. Hugs for you as you continue on your journey to good health!

Michelle Padrelanan

Thank you for your encouragement Julieanne, and for saying that my goals are realistic and life-giving. That’s so touching. God bless you!

You can do it! I’m new to your blog. I am not finished with my goal of total health and weight-loss, but I can tell you what helped me. Don’t eat gluten, don’t eat white sugar, don’t eat corn, don’t eat beans. A detailed plan can be found at, even though I haven’t followed everything they say to. And I have cheated by eating each of these things, and they all make me feel awful. LOL. It’s hard but SOOOO worth it. Eating organic corn in small bits seems to be fine. Eating organic white sugar in small bits seems to be fine. Any amount of gluten messes me up, and I haven’t tried beans in a while. 😛
God bless!

Michelle Padrelanan

Jenn, thank you for taking time to visit my blog and reading my goals. I will look through that link that you sent me. We are trying to follow the paleo diet as much as we can. It’s hard but I can feel the difference in my body already. Thank you for your encouragement. God bless!

trulyrichmom (@tinasrodriguez)

I am cheering you on and praying for you, sis! And the whole family! Hugs to you! God bless you guys! 🙂

Michelle Padrelanan

Tina, thank you for your unending and very meaningful support and prayers to me and my whole family. Best regards to you all. God bless you! 🙂

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