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An Encouragement for Me

“Hi, Michelle! I’ve been reading your blogs and I’ve been so blessed and encouraged by your journey in your homeschooling. Praise God for enabling you to do that! I’m…homeschooling my 11-year old identical twins. I couldn’t say I’m already good at it but by God’s grace learning much especially from moms like you. I’ve had a lot of failures in the past re my sons’ homeschooling but I think it isn’t late to apply what I’ve learned from all of you. Again thank you very much for all your encouraging and educational messages. I’ve included you in my weekly prayer items since what you’re doing is a ministry for the Lord. May God be glorified in all your efforts!”

I was so surprised and blessed when I opened my email this morning and received this message from another homeschooling mom. Thank you so much, CM. Thank you also for including me in your weekly prayer time, I really need that. As a blogger, I am so appreciative whenever my readers leave comments.

I believe that the Lord has given me the ministry of encouragement. I was with a group of homeschool moms before and I heard about the struggles that different families have been going through, the difficulties, the pain, tempting them to give up. This disturbed me and motivated me to start blogging about our own experience. Although I have been educating my children at home for seven years, I’ve never believed myself to be an expert at it. I’m still learning and discovering new things along with my children. Several people have already written me expressing their appreciation and this fuels me more.

Last year, when I applied to become a TOS (The Old Schoolhouse) Homeschool Crew to review homeschool products, one of the reasons I gave was that I wanted to minister to homeschool families here in the Philippines by encouragement and by exposing us all to the many available products that we can use in our own homeschools. God blessed me when they accepted me. Out of 800 applications that came in, they chose 100 bloggers. 95 resided in the US and five of us were internationals. Three are from Canada, one from Dubai, and me. We did not receive any salary doing this, but we did receive the products to review for free. Back then, the blog I used was Multiply – A Life Worth Living, which was a mishmash of our family pictures and blogs, my reviews and my homeschool blogs. Early this year, I decided to open another blog – Beyond The Silver and The Gold – A Filipino Family’s Homeschool Journey, which focused on our homeschooling, some homeschool issues in the Philippines and my homeschool reviews.

When my term ended in TOS Homeschool Crew, I learned that I can review books from Christian publishers such as Thomas Nelson, NavPress US, Zondervan, and Tyndale. To be more relevant to local purchasers, I’ve also started reviewing books published by Navpress Philippines that are locally available. These I added to my blog because the books they sent me are of good quality and written by Christian authors.

At this point I am still writing reviews for ebooks produced by The Old Schoolhouse. Aside from that, I have also contacted several companies that produce homeschool products and have asked to review their products. Some have responded positively which is why I still have homeschool products to review until now. I’m also contacted by others who want me to review their work.

Eventually, profiting from my blogs is also my goal, as I want to keep staying home with my children, but I’m not sure yet how to go about that. I’ve registered as an affiliate with The Old Schoolhouse and, so if you decide that you’re purchasing something from those two online stores, please do me a kindness and purchase from my links here on my blog.

Thank you to all who have been faithfully reading my blogs and reviews. I plan to continue doing this as long as I can. May the good Lord bless us all!


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