The WAHM and Her Homeschoolers

I have been working full time from home since a month and a half ago. It has been a real challenge balancing work, home management and homeschooling four kiddos. The eight hour workday is already a given, I can’t let up on that. So something has to give – either the homeschool or the home management. Well, I’ve tried as much as I can not to let either one go, but I’ve had to prioritize my children’s education over keeping the house clean or doing the laundry. Nowadays, as long as my children are fed, dressed in clean clothes, and studying, that’s about fine with me. Our family needs the income I make from my job so I simply cannot give up on that.

It’s certainly a blessing that my eldest two are old enough to study their lessons independently. They still come to me if they have questions. I also schedule one-on-one time with them during the day to teach. For my 1st grader, it only takes about an hour to an hour and a half to finish up all her lessons. For my two high schoolers, they have about two hours a day with me every other day, then they study by themselves the rest of the time. Sometimes, I wish that I can hire a tutor for them. But with the high hourly rates of tutors, it’s just not possible for us to do it. I have done some research for online tutors and I have seen one that looks good. It’s

The things I like about having an online tutor like is that they also give one-on-one teaching. Furthermore, the student can choose which tutor she likes to teach her, how many minutes of study she needs to do, and choose the rate to pay. I had a look at their testimonials and the students were happy. Most of the comments say that their tutors worked diligently with them until they learned their lesson.

I think having an online tutor available for my children would be an advantage. They would get the benefit their tutors availability and expertise in their subjects.


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