The WAHMeo Series: Brand and Build Your Online Biz!

One of the questions that I most often get from homeschoolers and those considering the homeschool lifestyle is: How do we manage financially with only one income?

When my children were smaller and our monthly requirement was lesser, we were able to manage and live very frugally with just my husband’s income. Now that the older two are grown and facing college, we find that living on a single income is no longer possible.

Last year, I started working again. After almost five years of being a SAHM (stay-at-home-mom), I have now joined the ever increasing ranks of the WAHMs (work-at-home-moms). It has been very fulfilling and rewarding that I am able to earn, develop my career, learn new things, and still stay at home and be with my kids. Sure, I don’t have the luxury of being “there” all of the time for my kids, since I have to work eight hours a day, but as my husband says, even if I’m working, I am still just inside the house and able to see and watch over our children. And yes, I still homeschool them.

Ever since I started working and earning my own income, I have felt a different fulfillment. Knowing that I have the skills to work and earn and to achieve our goals just does something different for me. I also hope to inspire my children that we can achieve our goals with God’s blessings and a lot of hard work.

I remember having a conversation with my pastor a few years ago when I told him about my heart’s desire to go into business. I said going into business may take me away from my kids and that’s what I feared. And he asked me in response, “Will going into business change your nature as a mother? Won’t you be the same caring and nurturing mother?” That’s when I realized that my basic nature as a mother will not change if I work. I’m still my kids’ mom, except this time, they’ll see me working.

Now, I also see many homeschool moms turning into WAHMs. Homeschooling no longer need to stop you from working and earning while caring for your family at the same time. We can really create the life we want by working from home.

If you are contemplating how to earn and still be with your kids at the same time, come and join us at The WAHMeo Series: Brand and Build Your Online Biz! on July 27, 2013, 10AM to 5PM at Studio SnR, 3rd Floor Millenium Place, 17 Meralco Ave., Ortigas Center, Pasig City, Metro Manila. 

Learn the building blocks to running a business, setting up an online store for your products and services. Do this all while raising your kids and running a home. We show you how, through the Brand and Build your Online Biz Workshop, a 101 learning event for work at home mothers who want to run an online business. This event is part of a series of WAHMeo Series by the WAHMderful Life Workshops.

Topics included are:
Creating a Business Plan
Business Registration and Taxes
Creating your Online Business
Creating your own eCommerce Site
Marketing your Online Business

I am so excited to attend this and learn! The speakers and panelists are all WAHMs and a WAHD! Super inspiring and educational, I’m sure. For more information about this, visit Manila Workshops  blog to learn more and register.

How about you, homeshool mommy and daddy? Are you looking for ways to fund your homeschool lifestyle? Is your family grown and you find yourself contemplating going out and getting work again?

See you there!


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