Restaurant Review: The Movie Stars Cafe


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Are you looking for a place to dine where you will also be entertained by a host of popular movie characters? Where the servers are also popular movie characters? Where you can feast your eyes on life-sized models of Spider-Man, Terminator, Shrek, Iron Man and many others? Then The Movie Stars Cafe is the place for you and your family to enjoy. Online casino Ireland. ###

We were invited to try out their food and entertainment last month and may I say that our family had a blast! When we arrived we were greeted by hosts that looked like Pocahontas. My attention was immediately caught by their entrance design. Upon entering the restaurant, the life-sized characters of Batman, Iron Man and Star Wars are a feast for the eyes.

Movie Stars Cafe 1

The U-shaped dining area provided diners with a view of their stage. Every half hour there is a variety of performances. Some are interesting such as Spider-Man which was like a musical that follows the movie’s story. Others were dance performances like Iron Man and Hairspray.

Dining AreaSource

After the performances, guests can come up on stage and have their photos taken with the performers. They also walk around the restaurant and provide entertainment for guests.

2014-04-28 22.03.43

Diners can have a choice between the Dino Buffet and/or ordering from the ala carte menu. We tried one buffet and ordered ala carte for the rest of us.


I thought the buffet was a little pricey  at P699,00 for the spread that they offered.  But upon talking to the manager, we understood that for the price of the buffet or any ala carte order, you also get to enjoy their shows for free. Looking at it that way, we decided that it’s worth it after all.

Star Movies Buffet 1 Star Movies Buffet 2

Star Movies Buffet 3 Star Movies Buffet 4

The open kitchen made the buffet very interesting. As a customer, I like the fact that I can see how my food is prepared. The availability of the chefs to answer our questions about the food is a definite plus.

We also ordered from the ala carte menu.

2014-04-28 20.48.53

El Grande Pizza

2014-04-28 20.49.20

Karate Kid’s Burger

2014-04-28 20.49.28

A half-eaten Notebook

We definitely enjoyed being there and interacting with the characters. That was very novel. As for the food, it was very salty for us. Even before we went Paleo, we already add very little salt on our food at home. I can’t really tell if the food was really salty or it may just be our personal taste.

We spent more than four hours there and the kids had so much fun! Should you look for a place where food is not the only feature, Movie Stars Cafe is a great option.

Movie Stars Cafe is located at Seaside Boulevard, SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City Philippines

For more info, drop by their website.


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  1. Elisha Benigla

    Sir/Maam baka gust2 nio i try ung discount code ko if ever na mapadaan po kayo sa star movies cafe present nio lang po ung code nato then you will have a 10% discount from your total bill. ENSS-6017 .Enjoy eating w/ ur friends and Family ^_^


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