2014 Planners for the Busy Work-At-Home and/or Homeschooling Moms

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I love planners. In fact, at the start of every year, I usually have two or more planners. I’ve been collecting the Starbucks planner for years, then I’d have a couple that I write reviews for and another that we receive as Christmas gifts. I do have a confession, though, I’ve never really found one that I’m able to stick to for the whole year. Sometimes, the planner is too bulky for me to bring around, or it just doesn’t have the space I need, or it doesn’t have the category I want such as prayer requests, Bible verses to memorize, etc. Online casino Ireland. ###

I’m still in search for the perfect planner, though, because I still need it. With the blog, the business, homeschool, church and life in general, there’s a need for me to keep our schedules and todo’s in order. I don’t know of any mom, especially the work-at-home or homeschooling mom, who doesn’t need a planner. If you’re still looking for the perfect planner, here’s a list of some planners that some of my WAHM friends and homeschool moms recommend:

Printable and Free Online Planners – for those who like to print and assemble their own planners

Emily Ley Simplified Life Binder Printables has the basic day, monthly and yearly planners but you could customize it with birthday party todo’s, blog calendar, prayer list, gratitude journal, lesson plan, and more. If you’re planning a wedding, you can grab your wedding planners here, too.

The Confident Mom 2014 Weekly Household Planner has a free version and a planner supplement that you can buy for $6.00. The free version is already very useful in planning your weekly household tasks. This free planner download comes with instructions, and two editable PDF’s. One that already includes the basic household tasks within the file and a blank one that you can customize for your own family. Buy the planner supplements to make a complete household binder.

Organized Home is one of the first household binders that I came across years ago. Create and customize your own colorful household binder. This site has downloads for calendars, planning and time, menus and meals, events and travel, cleaning challenge, events and more.

Confessions of a Homeschooler has a very nice 2014 Blog Calendar that I just love! It is colorful and can help you plan your blog posts, keep up with your social media accounts, giveaways and reviews. There are also lesson planners for sale on the site.

Printed Planners

Despite this being the digital age and even with the availability of apps for our smartphones and tablets, a lot of us still prefer writing our plans down. Here are a few favorites and some links to their reviews:

Starbucks Planner – In almost every meeting that I go to, the Starbucks planner is always there. I carry one myself. I like this planner for the space and the quality of the binder and paper. I love writing on good quality paper and this one has it. If you didn’t get a chance to collect your Starbucks stickers last year, you can still buy a planner from Ebay.ph. Prices range from P750.00 to P1,500.00.

Everything is Possible Planner – My friend and fellow blogger, Janice of Roller Coaster Ride, just loves this planner by Belle de Jour. Read her review here.

This Journal Will Actually Change Someone’s Life 2014 – Mommy Ginger wrote a fun review of this planner on Manila Reviews and even held a giveaway for it. Based on her review, I would probably like this planner for the weekly mood charts, expense charts and quarter check-up.

The Bullet Journal is not a new concept but one that is refined by Ryder Caroll. It’s basically list-making but in a very organized manner. The site teaches the concept but you will need to buy your own journal. A lot of my WAHM friends commented that they have been bullet journaling for years but only realized that that’s what they’ve been doing after seeing this site. Personally, I’ve been making lists but there is a system to Bullet Journaling that I would also like to learn.

As for me, I use a combination of digital apps and the written form. I use Google calendar for my appointments and Google tasks for my daily todo’s. Both are synced to my android phone. I use my planner to write down what I’ve done for the day. I also use a large wall calendar to write down appointments that I want the whole family to take note of. It’s not yet complete because I still would like an app where I can schedule bill payments and record daily expenses and an app to record prayer requests.

How about you? How do you organize and plan your days? I’d love to hear your ideas so please share.


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