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migrate-from-blogger-to-wordpressFinally, I made the move!

It took me more than a year to make this move from Blogger to WordPress. My blogger friends have all been telling me how WordPress is the better, if not the best, platform. I couldn’t make the move in the past because I had no time to focus on my blog when I was working. Now that I have more time, I finally did it.

It just seemed so technical and overwhelming for me. At first I thought at first I could do the migration myself. There are tons of blogger to wordpress migration tutorials out there. Along with that are other bloggers who offer migration services. After reading up a bit about it, I decided to just let Techie Mom do it for me. Good thing because it only took her a few hours to do it. If I did, I’d probably be tearing my hair out.

Today, I write this new blog post after three days of figuring out how to work WordPress. I read that if you’re new to it, you’d need time to get the hang of it. Well, after hours of choosing and tweaking my theme, learning about widgets and plug ins, I finally got this site to look the way I want it to look. Hey, I was able to add my social media icons, my rss feedburner, write my About Me page and write my very first blog post!

There are still a lot I’d like to do with my blog. But in the meanwhile I’d be very happy if you can subscribe to my blog via email for now.

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