Book Review: Hula, Multo, Faith Healing, ATBP – Expose ng Occult sa Pilipinas by Hiram Pangilinan

Here in the Philippines, most people generally believe so many things such as hula, faith healing, aswang, usog and so many others. Spirit of the coin is commonly played by little children without any thought to its dangers. The usual phrase you hear is “Wala namang masama kung maniwala”. Sigh, it can get tiring trying to explain to others why we don’t want to bring our children to faith healers.
In our family, these practices are followed including feng shui, worship of the dead, and using objects as sources of luck. That’s why I am so glad that Pastor Hiram Pangilinan wrote Hula, Multo, Faith Healing, ATBP. This book is about the many occult practices that are being done  here in the Philippines. He sheds light on all the occult activities that most Filipinos find normal and okay. Through this book I found out that even the ordinary zodiac and astrology are also occult.
In our family, we usually say “We don’t believe in usog.” or “There are no aswangs!” These statements are corrected by Pastor Hiram and explained that these are indeed true and not to be taken lightly. Each occult practice is explained in detail with instructions on how to pray in Jesus’ name in order to be free of Satan’s stonghold in your life.
A word of warning, though, I would suggest praying constantly as you read Hula, Multo, Faith Healing, ATBP. The stories he tells are true and can cause fear in you as it did to me initially. However, Pastor Hiram also encourages you to pray before reading the book. I always pray before I read it, as I am reading and after I read.
The good thing is that all throughout the book, the author keeps on assuring us that God’s children are safe because demons are afraid of the name of Jesus. After a few more chapters, I started to feel different about the book and its stories. With Pastor Hiram’s constant assurance that demons are afraid just by the mention of Jesus’ name, I feel my fear is starting to fade.
My only beef with this book is that it is written in taglish.  As one used to reading in straight English, I’ve had to constantly adjust my mind to this. Despite also speaking in taglish most of the time, I have a hard time reading it in taglish. I’m guessing the reason for this is to be able to reach more Filipinos but most Filipinos read English anyway. I think I’d appreciate if better if it were written in straight English while using the actual Tagalog words for those commonly used terms in the occult.
Despite of that, the value of this book for the Christian Filipino is priceless. We are inundated everyday with several occult practices and we just have to learn how to protect ourselves from it. You can expect to learn and be corrected about those practices commonly done here in the Philippines. More importantly, you can expect to learn how to battle these demons that may have attached themselves to you.
Hula, Multo, Faith Healing, ATBP is launching at the OMF Lit booth at the 32nd Manila International Book Fair as SMX Convention Center from Sept. 14 – 18, 2011. For free tickets, go here.
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Disclosure: While I received a complimentary copy of this book from OMF Lit, they did not give it to me in exchange for this review. I write this review of my own accord in support of Filipino Christian authors.


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  1. Iris

    Sounds like an intriguing book. Im not a big fan of reading books that make my hairs stand on edge, so medyo hesitant ako basahin yan. =)

    Although, another book that I think Christians should really read is A Divine Revelation of Angels by Mary K Baxter. We’re so drowned in the commercialized image of angels that we barely know the truth about them. Give it a try din, i think it’s available at OMF. Online casino Ireland. ###

  2. Michelle

    Thanks for your comment, Iris. The thing is, even if it will make your hairs stand (mine didn’t, but others might), there is an assurance for us Christians that the death and blood of Jesus Christ has already given is victory!

    Satan is real and his demons are real. They are our real enemies so it is our responsibility to know how to protect ourselves.

  3. Hiram Grospe Pangilinan

    Hi MIchelle. I don’t remember having read this review before. It’s a good thing that one of our church members sent it to me… just TODAY! (Can you believe that?) Well, I just want to thank you for the positive review. And yes, it is truly my hope and prayer that many more of our kababayans will get to read this and be unbound by faulty practices. And yes, it is for these same kababayans that I opted to write the book in taglish- thinking that many in the CDE crowd are the ones who need to be enlightened on this. Thanks again and God bless you more! – HIram


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