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So, as I have described in my last blog post, I am still very new to WordPress. Online casino Ireland. ###

It took me about 8 long hours to get my site up and running, set up the plugins I like, set up my social media buttons and write my first blog. It’s exciting for me to learn new things but also hard. I’m plugging along, though, because I am absolutely determined to work with WordPress and experience the bliss that ALL most of my blogger friends describe.

Now that my site is up, I look at it and think “There are still so many things it needs.” There are still so many I have to learn about WordPress. I read somewhere that once you know WordPress, there are just so many, many things that you can do with it. The big question is, ” Do I have the time to search and read through all the info about WordPress?” I’m a pretty busy mommy of four, working from home and outside the home, homeschooling and without a helper. The solution?



My friends, The Happy WAHM and The Techie Mom are holding a WordPress workshop to teach us WordPress newbies how to maximize it. They’ll be there to teach us, to hold our hands as we work on our sites and make sure that at the end of the day, we all understand it.

Interested in signing up? Go to The Happy Wahm’s blog to sign up.

How about you? What would you like to learn most about WordPress? Leave me a comment and I’ll make sure to send your feedback over to The Happy Wahm and The Techie Mom!


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