The Necessity of a Weight Loss Support Group – Eats Right! Motivational Meet Ups


It’s hard to lose weight, right? I should know because I’ve gone on a roller coaster of weight loss and gain through the years and I was never successful at it. Every time I try to lose weight, I begin with good intentions to exercise and eat less. As the days go by with no one keeping me accountable, I would start skipping days without exercise, or start eating my favorite foods again until I’ve totally forgotten about my weight loss goal. Online casino Ireland. ###

That was in the past. Now that I’m dead serious about losing weight, I am surrounding myself with people who would help me go on and some who would keep me accountable. As I have written in my previous posts, one of the first things I did was to get ourselves a personal trainer. Next, I announced my goals to my community online and offline. Announcing it helped to keep me on track.

Then I started tracking my successes and telling people about it. Every time I posted an update about my workout, my weight loss, I gained plenty of support from my online friends.

The most recent thing I’ve done is to employ the services of a chef who prepares our Paleo meals at home. On the first week alone, having my meals ready to cook made it easy for me to maintain eating Paleo. Now it’s easy for me to bring food from home when I have to go out to work.


I’ve kept in close contact with my online friend, Cheryl of Not Just Yum. Our online chats about our workouts and diet have been a source of motivation for each other.

What I’ve done is to create a network of people who become a source of encouragement for me to keep on going. Not only that, I know that everyone’s counting on me to reach my goal. All of these play a huge part in my efforts to lose weight and be healthy.

Without support and accountability, it would be easy to give up when the going gets tough. But because of the support of the people surrounding me, I am constantly motivated.

So if you want to lose weight and know that you also need help to do it. I’m inviting you to join us at Eats Right! Motivational Meet Ups.


The Eats Right! Program is composed of pep talks and motivational meet ups that are for fit and fab femmes (single, married or married with children, etc.) who want to have a support group in achieving their health and fitness goals this year. The Eats Right Pep Talks will be a series of 5 meet-ups where the ladies will get to do different activities and will learn about different aspects of health, nutrition and fitness. Also, the Eats Right! Pep talks will have a fitness challenge component. During the first pep talk, measurements of all the participants will be taken. On the 5th (last) pep talk, the one with the biggest fat percentage lost will win lots and lots of prizes from our sponsors!

These pep talks were prepared by yours truly (Ginger of and the soon-to-be-relaunched site,, fit and fab ladies Martine de Luna of and Michelle Padrelanan of

We would like to thank our sponsors who readily believed in the Eats Right! movement. We would like to thank Coach Ian of Without Limits, Lourdes of Nanay Lunches with Love, Farah of Train Station, Aisa of Yoga Plus (love yah, cuz!), Cindy and Liezel from Curves Eastwood and my new friend, Vanessa of Go Steady (love yah, too, girl!).

Okay, the details are in the poster above so if you want to sign up, please use this form:


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