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Deciding to Work From Home While Homeschooling

I have been working from home since I stopped working in my father’s hardware biz in 2002. Back then, my dad and I discovered that it’s possible for me to work remotely with the use of a phone and the internet. I did not know it then but I was already working as his virtual assistant doing secretarial work, online research, contacting foreign suppliers and preparing documents for the company. However, I did not view this as real work, instead I just viewed it as something I did to help out.

We were already homeschooling then and my focus was on my children’s education. Then came this blog and reviewing products. I did a combination of these three for so many years without earning much income. The result: I learned about working online but had financial difficulties.

In 2011, I became pregnant with our 5th baby. It was not the optimal time for me to become pregnant. I was overweight and suffering from asthma. The doctor already warned us that I may give birth prematurely and that we have to be ready. We were living on a single income had very little savings so that we couldn’t choose a good hospital that had great preemie support. The priority back then was for us to find a hospital that we can afford.  On April 22, 2012, I gave birth prematurely to a lovely baby boy who would only live for eight weeks.

The childbirth it itself was already a harrowing experience. I was bleeding profusely – there was just so much blood – that before they took me inside the OR, my prayers were already for the family that I might leave behind, not anymore for myself. I had already accepted that God may be calling me home. I knew that if I should die, I’m sure I would go to Heaven but my husband and children will be left alone. Living through that experience brought about a big change in me. An even bigger change happened after my baby died.


After Zac died, I made the important decision to find work so that I can earn and help my husband. I became very determined that we can ensure the health, safety and future of our children. I no longer want to get to that point again when our child needed something and we couldn’t give it because we lacked the money. For years, I lived with the belief that I had to care for my children full time. To me this meant giving up my job and staying home to be with them. To be clear, I enjoyed taking care of and teaching our children but grief propelled me to ensure our children would have what they needed. I remember our pastor telling me, “Even if you are already working, that doesn’t change your basic nature as a mom.” Hearing that strengthened my resolve to find a job that will allow me to work from home.

Maybe for you, it isn’t so dramatic, this need to work from home. I know of at least two other WAHMs whose story is as dramatic as mine. I also know many WAHMs who made the decision to work from home because it’s the right thing to do for their families. I have yet to meet a mother who said that she regrets working from home.

As for myself, my family and I have benefited greatly from my work. For one year, I worked as a Social Media Analyst for Balsam Brands. When I started, I hardly knew anything about my job. But because I was driven to succeed, I soon learned the ropes of working in social media. I found my work fun and fulfilling. The pay was good, but the best benefit was the confidence I gained. After years of not working, I still experienced success.

Surely this isn’t an easy road to take but I have found camaraderie and have bonded with fellow WAHMs. Speaking of camaraderie and bonding with fellow WAHMs, I’ll be a panelist in an event that is especially dedicated to Work at Home Mommies (and Daddies). Manila Workshops and Wahmderful Life presents Wahmderful Weekend: The Heart and Hands of a Work-At-Home Mom.  This is a one-day celebration and learning event. If you have not yet signed up for it, now is the best time to do so because they are offering their tickets at a reduced price of P2,000.00 instead of P2,500 if you pay on or before Oct. 10, 2013. Go here for more info on this super savings.



How about you, dear friend and reader? Are you working from home now? Or are you contemplating it? What are your reasons? I would love to hear from you.

Getting to Know WordPress – A Workshop and GIVEAWAY

Everyday I work on this blog to make it work better. When I say ‘work’ I do mean I’m working on learning WordPress better so that I can maximize it to its fullest. So far, I have learned how to install a few widgets and plugins… and that’s just about what I’ve been able to do. I am trying to figure out how to install my Facebook fan page, how to use the sidebar and so many other things that I want to do.

Of course, doing an internet search is easy. When I searched for “How to Install Facebook Fan Box on WordPress”, Google returned almost 2 million results. I love to learn new things and I believe there is nothing I don’t know about that I can’t possibly Google. However, I am already spending more hours learning how to work WordPress than blogging!

Wouldn’t it be wiser to just attend a class where all you need to know is laid out for you and taught in layman’s terms? Wouldn’t it save you more time and energy if you just spend a day learning the technical aspects of WordPress from two women who are known for their technical skills online? Wouldn’t it be great to get together with other like-minded individuals and learn something new together?

The Happy WAHM Marge Aberasturi and The Techie Mom Jennyfer Ang Tan presents

Learning wordpress, work at home moms, workshop, giveaways

Okay, okay. I know I wrote about this on my last post. But I implore your patience and ask you to read on. The GIVEAWAY is coming! Smile

Marge and Jenn are just so passionate about teaching WordPress to us newbies that they decided to offer this workshop at a very low rate of P1,500. Considering that you’ll be learning the technical aspects of WordPress in an airconditioned room with free flowing coffee and a stable wifi connection, this is a reasonable price to pay. Marge and Jenn will be holding our hands (well, figuratively) and taking us through WordPress so that at the end of the day, we are armed with knowledge and skills on how we can make our sites work better. We busy work at home moms and dads need to find ways to work better and faster. Even if that means paying a small price, the returns on our time and efficiency will be infinitely greater. Also, if your homeschooled kids want to blog on WordPress, you can send them over, too. If you want to know more and are ready to register, visit The Happy Wahm’s blog for more details.


Golden ticket

Beyond The Silver and The Gold, along with Marge and Jennyfer, are offering one blessed reader a free seat to this workshop. Here are the mechanics:

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