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Expo Mom 2012 at The Rockwell Tent on May 5 & 6, 2012

Expo Mom is also known as “the mompreneur market”, with more than 50% of its exhibitors composed of mom entrepreneurs. We invite you to come to EXPO MOM 2012, to be held on May 5 and 6, 2012 (now 2 days!), Saturday and Sunday at the Rockwell Tent and meet your fellow mompreneurs and be inspired by their passion and creativity!

Below is our list of mompreneur exhibitors at Expo Mom 2012:

Bug & Kelly
Celestina & Co
Eco Baby
Eco Kids
Fancy Ava
Fawn Shoppe
Fiddle Tops
Googoo & Gaga
Hatch & Latch
Hurom Juicer
Indigo Baby
Kiddie Tunes
Little Darla Couture
The Little Red Shoe
Mama Baby Love
Manila Baby Shop
Medela Moms Inc.
Mom Baby Fabric
Mommy Matters
Momtrepreneur Shop
My Soul Sister
Natural Origins
Omma Organics
Organic Baby
Princess & Tutus
Paquet de Joie
Simple Bundle of Joy
Tiny Tots
Tootsie Shop
Tot Couture
Two Tots
Tyler Marketing


For more photos of our mompreneurs from past Mommy Mundo events, visit our Facebook page:

Expo Mom 2012 is co-presented by Shop Mommy Matters, Philippine Association of Childbirth Educators (PACE), GlaxoSmithKline, Anmum, Sweet Baby Diapers and Goldilocks. Sponsors include CordLife Philippines, Cycles Mild Detergent, Cradles, Samsung, Havaianas. Also supported by Crystal Clear, Tiny Buds, Lactacyd Baby Bath.
Media Partners include Manila Bulletin, Sense & Style Magazine, Style Weekend, Working Mom Magazine, Lifestyle Network, Smart Parenting, Crossover 105.1 FM, Urban Mom Magazine and Mommy Pages.

For more info, visit

I’ve Given Birth!

Yesterday, I posted here that I’m almost 31 weeks pregnant. I had that on scheduled post. Unfortunately, early Sunday morning on April 22, I woke up from sleep because blood was already gushing out of me. I tried to get up but even very small movements will make a lot of blood gush out. I woke hubby up and saw how anxious he became when he saw I was lying in a pool of blood on my bed. He called up my sister and asked for help to bring me to the hospital. They came after 15 minutes and in half an hour I was already at the hospital.

At the hospital, the profuse bleeding stopped when we arrived. My OB still wanted to give it time that maybe I might be able to survive this because the baby is only 30 weeks old. I was placed under observation in the labor room. But at 3:00pm, I started bleeding again. A decision was made to terminate the pregnancy in order to save me.

Our baby boy, Zachary Daniel, was born at 6:03pm. He is only 30 weeks old and is now in the incubator. I am very emotional about this all. At turns, crying then being thankful to the Lord that I and our baby are alive!

I just want to say thank you to all of you who prayed for us. Thank you to the people who sent text messages to my hubby. One of the things that weighed heavy on my heart was that there was no one available to be with my hubby when he was waiting for news about me. My operation – caesarian section and hysterectomy – took 3 hours to finish. He was waiting all alone.

I am recovering now. Our baby boy is in NICU and though the neonatologist said that he improved this morning, we still have no assurance of anything. Please continue to pray for our son, my recovery and our family’s adjustment to this new and precious member of our family.

I’m Having A Baby!

Yup, you read that right. Baby number 5 is on its way! Our family is very excited and thankful to the good Lord for this blessing. I can only thank the Lord for entrusting me with another life to care for. Thank You, Lord!


It all started with me feeling exhausted and sleepy all the time. After a week, I began to wonder what was happening to me. I wasn’t sick, but I was in bed all the time. It continued to the second week where I started feeling nauseous and dizzy. After the second week, I looked back and realized that I had missed my period. At the beginning of the third week, with more exhaustion, I finally asked hubby to get me a pregnancy test kit. The children were excitedly waiting for the results, and the two lines that appeared confirmed my suspicion – I am pregnant! My OB confirmed last week that I am in my 7th week of pregnancy.


But there is another baby on it’s way. And that baby is the new look of this blog. In the following months, expect a major change in this blog. I am in the process of studying and deciding what kind of changes I’d like to implement. I already have the hosting, now I am looking for a blog designer. Not to worry, the focus will not change – it is still about homeschooling and family and reviews. 

SWORDFIGHT! is 1 Day Away – It is Fun and Easy

SWORDFIGHT! is just 1 day away!  ;;) batting eyelashes ;) winking > <img src='' alt=':D' class='wp-smiley' /> < big hug   

And NO, you don’t have to be a Bible scholar to join. SWORDFIGHT IS FUN & EASY. So do not fear.
There will be Bible games for our children and us, parents too! You can still register on Saturday!

When you register, you as a family will be assigned to one of the six teams that will compete. The teams will field in 20 to join the games. Everybody can play and have fun! 

Bible Games: Arrange the Verse, Spell/Arrange Jumbled Letters, Guess the Verse, Name that Tune, Trivia, Word Search.

Attire: Please wear white T-shirts

Click below to find out the great prizes in store for all of us and how to join.

Click above for the prizes

HAPI SWORDFIGHT! is just 2 days away!

Swordfight! is open to all homeschoolers including their parents, even their friends. All you need is courage to join the bible quizzes, bible relays and trivia together with other homeschoolers for the fun of it.  (Friendly warning: knowing the Bible is exciting and habit-forming.)
Register now! See attached registration form and how-to guide for details.
Here’s WHY you and your kids should join this 1st ever HAPI Bible Fest:
·         Raise your child’s interest or love for the Bible
·         Have bonding time with family
·         Help kids learn teamwork
·         Meet other homeschoolers and make new friends
·          Get a chance to win any of these wonderful prizes…  :-h wave=D> applause” border=”0″ src=”<a href=;>                                                               

1) Mystery of History Vol. 1-3 , an excellent Bible-based curriculum (worth P10,000) as grand raffle prize  (2 winners)                                                                                                    

2) The MacArthur Study Biblean excellent study bible with commentaries verse by verse by John MacArthur  (worth P3,500) as major raffle prize (2 winners)             
3) Vines Expository Bible Dictionary as raffle prize (1 winner)        
4) 6 complete Bibles for the 6 Grand Finals winners, plus other gifts
5) 6 Power for True Success books for the 6 Runner Up winners in the final game
6) Lots of other exciting raffle prizes like books, puzzles 
7) Lots of freebies for all the participants
Register now at TMA, CFA, H.O.M.E, or SOUTH (Paranaque, Alabang) payment centers. Only P100 for registered HAPI members!  See attached flyer for details. Or, text Irma at 0921-7127640
Friends, please pass to your friends. Thank you!
Download these:

1. Step-by-step Registration Procedure
2. Swordfight! Registration Form

Tips on Enjoying the 32nd Manila International Book Fair

As I have been saying, my children and I follow the book fair every year. From when it was still held at Megamall to the World Trade Center, and now at the SMX, we’ve been there. In fact, we enjoy it so much that we’d keep coming back and try to go on all days of the fair.

For homeschoolers, this is the best time to get those books you’d like for your children. Edcrish selling Singapore Math My Pals are Here, and C&E Publishing selling Sing, Spell, Read, Write are here. Other textbook publishers are also here and you can get all their books at low or discounted prices. 

So in order to maximize your time to the fullest, I’d like to share here some tried and tested tips on how to enjoy the 32nd Manila International Book Fair.

Get Free Tickets

The entrance fee to the fair is P25.00 per head.  Usually, bookstores who join the fair give free tickets when you visit their stores. So far, I’ve seen OMF Lit and Christian Literature Crusade giving away free tickets. If you can, pass by their bookstores and ask for free tickets. Or go here and print your free ticket.

Wear comfortable clothes and shoes.

You’re going to be on your feet for most of the day, it’s best to be comfortable.

Don’t forget to bring food and drink for nourishment.

If you’re like most of us, we’d rather save as much as we can so that we can buy as many books as we can. You can bring your own  water and snacks but you may have to leave these at the package booth. Nevertheless, you can always go out of the fair to take a snack break. All that walking and browsing through books is bound to make you tired.

Bring a bag or trolley to put your books in.

We like to keep our purchases in just one or two bags. This way, we avoid losing a few books in all those sale piles. A trolley would be better since the books can get heavy. Or you can take advantage of the package booth to leave your heavy purchases in while you go shopping for more.

If you have children…

…decide if you want to bring your small children to the fair. I bring my six year old with strict instructions to stay beside me all of the time. There are a lot of people going to the book fair, a child can easily get lost. Have an agreement of where you will meet each other in case your child gets lost.

Also, be ready for those sales people standing along the aisles telling you to have your child tested for their IQ, or to let her ‘play’ with their educational products. When you do entertain them, be prepared for a strong and persistent sales pitch. If you don’t want to entertain them, just say a firm “no, thank you” and keep on walking. They are at every aisle, though.

Finally, get ready to be overwhelmed!

The place is filled with books, books, books! We like to go around first and browse the books before making a decision. There are times when you can find a book in another booth at a much lower price. All books are on sale and some are at really low, low prices. So set your budget, bring a list if you can, and enjoy!

Here are some of the discounts I’ve seen so far:

National Book Store – 20% off on all books, there are books at P50, P75, P100, P150.

OMF Literature Book Shop – 20 – 30% off on all books, books at P75, P95.

Church Strengthening Ministry – All books are P100 each.

Christian Literature Crusade – 20% – 50% discount on books and 40% discount on Bibles.

Bibles are on sale from P500. up.

Scholastica – bag all you can for P999.

If you want to win a free book from OMF Lit, join my giveaway here.

For your free tickets, go here.

For other tips on going to the book fair, go here.

Almost forgot, the MIBF is held at the SMX Convention Center from Sept. 14 – 18, 2011.

Disclosure: I am not paid by any of the vendors I mentioned above nor did I receive anything from them in exchange for this post. I am merely sharing my experience and enjoyment with you. :)


OMF LIT is Giving Free Tickets to the 2011 Manila International Bookfair

web banner


Once again it is time for the Manila International Bookfair!!! OMF Lit Bookshop, the premiere Christian bookshop in the country is giving away free tickets to the book fair. All you have to do is download the image above and print it. Bring it with your to the book fair and use for your free ticket. If you visit any of the OMF Lit Book Shops around the city, they are also giving these away.

There’s more! If you print and bring this postcard below to the booth, you can avail of 30% discounts on the books featured on the postcard:


Aside from the above, get more discounts as follows:

20% off on ALL OMF Lit local, republished and imported titles

10% additional discount when you flash your Kaibigan or Pastors’ Exclusives card at the OMF Lit booths at MIBF

Outrageous discounts on our sale piles!

We’ll also give a taste of the MIBF to our friends outside Manila! During the duration of the MIBF, all our Bookshops in Pampanga, Cebu, Davao, Cagayan de Oro and Gen San City will also be on sale with all titles at 20% off!

Events and Activities!!!

Storytelling activities for kids on September 14-16

Live broadcast of The Edge Radio on September 16

Words and Music (mini-concert and book excerpt reading) on September 17

Pinoy Christian Bloggers meet-up (date TBA)

Authors meet and greet

Joyce Piap Go – September 14

Francie Castaneda-Lacanilao – September 14

Grace Chong – September 14

Hiram Pangilinan – September 16

Gicky Soriano – September 16

Ronald Molmisa – September 17

So drop by the OMF Lit booth at Aisle D and enjoy all these exciting discounts, books and activities. Join us at the Manila International Book Fair on September 14-18, 2011, 10AM-8PM at the SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia Complex

Would you like to win a free book from OMF Lit? Check out how you can win here.


Win a New Book from OMF Lit!

Would you like to win a new book from OMF Literature Bookshop? If so, here’s how to join this giveaway:

Don’t forget to leave me a comment on the comment section!

The winner will pick up the book from the OMF Lit Booth at the Manila International Book Fair.
For details and free tickets, please click here.

Great new titles from our homegrown writers

  • Hula, Multo, Faith Healing Atbp by Pastor Hiram Pangilinan explains the different occult practices in the Philippines and how people can break free from them
  • Meaningful Evangelism by Andy Smith talks about strategies for evangelism through relational principles
  • Paano Maging Joyfully Single by Harold Sala, a Taglish translation of Joyfully Single
  • Pass or Fail by Ronald Molmisa, a practical and relevant book that teaches young people how to be the best student ever (in Taglish format)
  • Solo Flight by Grace Chong and Francie Castaneda-Lacanilao, a guide to single women and how they can make the most of their lives
  • The Last Man Dancing: The Nestor de Villa Story by Gicky Soriano, a biography of Mr. De Villa and his faith journey, written by his son

Exciting new books from Hiyas, OMF Lit’s inprint for children

  • Oh Mateo 14: Tree for All by Grace Chong which teaches kids good stewardship and taking care of the environment
  • The Great Crocodile and Duck Race by Robert Magnuson which teaches kids to get along while at play
  • Bee Safe by Joyce Piap Go, a practical and informative book that teaches kids how to be safe in their environment
  • My Very First Bible (smaller edition)

Something for everyone in our new republished titles

  • Dopple Ganger Chronicles Vol 2: The Secret of Indigo Moon by G.P Taylor, a graphic novella featuring more adventures from twins Sadie and Saskia and their friend Eric
  • Cupidity by Hayley and Michael DiMarco talks about 50 stupid things people do for love and how you can avoid them
  • Making Room for Leadership by MaryKate Morse, a practical study on the gift of power of servant-leadership
  • Relationship Principles of Jesus by Tom Holladay, a forty-day journey that will bring new health and richness to marriages, families, friendships, and all the relationships in our lives
  • The Good and Beautiful Life and The Good and Beautiful Community by James Bryan Smith, the 2nd and 3rd books in The Apprentice series which shows the narratives that Jesus lived by
  • Things I Wish I’d Known Before We Got Married by Gary Chapman, apractical little book, packed with wisdom and tips that will help many develop the loving, supportive and mutually beneficial marriage men and women long for
  • Think by John Piper brings together the life of the mind and the love of God
  • What Women Don’t Know (and Men Don’t Tell You) by Michelle McKinney Hammond and Joel A. Brooks Jr features the unspoken rules of finding lasting love
  • Workplace Grace by William Carr Peel and Walt Larrimore which deals with becoming a spiritual influence at work
To get your free ticket to the 32nd Manila International Book Fair, click here.



* Mr. Tan would like to address the whole family so he wants the parents to come with the children.

* Open to non-homeschooling families.

* The family fee of P100.00 is for the whole family whether big or small.

* Please bring potbless snacks to share with the whole group.

* Registration begins 2:00PM.

All other pertinent info is on the flyer above.

See you all there!

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