Aprica Baby Gear is Here!!!

188004_143990338995142_6586998_n The premiere brand in baby gear, Aprica from Japan, is finally here in the Philippines. Used for years by the Imperial Family of Japan and other celebrities such as Richard Gere, Robert De Niro & Eva Herzigova, Aprica prides itself formost for the safety of their strollers and baby carriers. Online casino Ireland. ###

All Aprica Baby Gear have been created with these 8 Key Points:

1. The baby can be laid down flat to prevent oxygen desaturation. Whether it’s the different varieties of strollers, car seats or the High-Low Bed & Chair, they all adjust so that baby can lay down flat.

2. The Open Air Marmolu Pad, situated under baby’s tender head, ensures freedom of respiration and correct posture.

3. The Thermo Medical System 182999_147820898612086_143990338995142_305889_7101406_nunder baby’s back will regulate baby’s temperature. I thought this was really smart to have here in the Philippines because our children’s sweaty back is a major concern for parents.

4. Mother’s Radius Seat for its baby carriers will protect baby’s feet and hip joints. Again, a point of major concern for parents who like to wear their babies. With so many choices in the market, parents are choosier with the carrier they use.

180520_147820911945418_143990338995142_305890_8141064_n 5. A Comfortable Headrest to protect your baby’s head, neck and spine is found in the Aprica Strollers and Car Seats. A necessity for parents who prioritize their child’s safety and health.

6. Auto Biomedical Rocking Motion which creates a swinging rhythm to ensure baby’s natural sleeping pattern. I saw this in the High-Low Bed & Chair which is my favorite product.

7. The Capsule Multi Hood fou182946_147820935278749_143990338995142_305891_7654519_nnd in Aprica strollers protects baby from the heat of the sun.

8. Tri-Grip ensures baby’s correct gait and posture. I did not see a product yet that featured this. 

Having said all of that, I thought that the Aprica Baby Gear are products that are of excellent quality and will truly provide safety, comfort and ease of use for its users. Since this is premiere baby gear, expect to shell out a big amount of money for these products. Prices range from P 4,000.00 and above for its baby carriers, P 27,000.00 and over for the different varieties of strollers, and a whopping P49,999.00 for its car seat. Buyers should not even be surprised with the prices because if you consider the quality, the safety and its reliability (you can use it for many, many years), the price is just right.

Would I buy one for myself? I would buy the High-Low Bed & Chair for its reasonable price of P 15,000.00 considering that it can be used from infancy as a rocking bed to toddlerhood as a high chair.

The products are currently available at SM’s Baby Company. Feel like you’d like to have one but it’s just too pricey? Well, Baby Company has found a way for its buyers to get a discount on Aprica products: Trade in your old but functional stroller and get P4,000.00 off on Aprica Strollers, Car Seats and High-Low Bed & Chair.


I would like to thank Aprica and LJS Group of Companies for inviting me to their launching at the Dragon Gate Seafood Restaurant. Special thanks to MSBolin for the invitation and to fellow mommy blogger Blessie for the referral. I truly enjoyed the opportunity to go to the launch and to meet fellow mommy bloggers Tina and Dainty Mom.

aprica launch 012 With Aprica representatives and other mommy bloggers


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