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Alternative Learning System for Homeschoolers

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This is an update of my previous post about Guitar Babe taking up DepEd ALS Exam. In my previous post, I wrote about how she was able to enroll in a college while she was waiting to take the exam.

She took the exam last January 2015 and we waited with bated breath for the results. She was not very confident because she had a hard time with some of the Tagalog words. She admitted that there was a whole section of the exam that she just couldn’t understand because of the Tagalog statements. Don’t get me wrong please: my kids speak both English and Tagalog well but when it comes to deep-level Tagalog sentences, they do struggle. While we waited for her exam result, Guitar Babe started taking entrance exams for other colleges. We promised her that she can transfer to a college that would challenge her academically.

We finally got the results of her exam last May and we’re happy to say that she passed! Praise God! In the meanwhile, she has done really well during her first year of college and was on the Dean’s List for all trimesters. As a result, she is now a scholar in an international college nearby. We are all excited for her to begin this season of her life.

DepEd has designed the Alternative Learning System for out-of-school youth (OSY) who are already 15 years and over and has not yet graduated high school. Though this seems to be a negative connotation considering that my daughter is not an OSY, I believe that the ALS is a huge help for those who need it. Colleges are mandated by law to accept ALS graduates into their system and this has proved to be a God-send for many who formerly have lost hope of getting into college. For independent homeschoolers, this is a great solution for our kids. Just be sure that your child will also study his/her high school subjects, aside from the ALS modules to prepare them for their college subjects.

In fact, ever since I wrote my first post about Guitar Babe getting into college, several people have contacted me saying that it gave them hope that they can also enter college. ALS is a source of hope for students and these are evident in their posts on the ALS Facebook page.

DepEd has not yet released their new memo for this schoolyear but there has already been some news that graduates of the 2015-2016 ALS will move on to college. This will be the last year that the students will be moving to college. For the next schoolyear, ALS graduates will move on to Senior High School. But don’t just take my word for it, go to the DepEd ALS website and be updated.

I’m holding a series of webinars soon about ALS, PEPT AND PVT for homeschoolers. Be updated with my homeschool blog posts by signing up with your email below.


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  1. Gen

    Congratulations on your daughter’s achievement and to you as well as a homeschooling mom. My son is turning 4 on September. I’ll start homeschooling him June next year but I am undecided whether to enroll him or go the other route, that is to homeschool him independently. I have bookmarked your blog so I can read back through your archive and find out more about your independent homeschooling journey. Thank you so much for writing about your experiences. It would help us greatly as we start with our own homeschool.

  2. isabel

    hi! I am thinking of homeschooling my nephew in fear that he’ll be bullied at school and so that I would be able to monitor his behavior while studying, would you know if DepEd would qualify this reason for ASL?/homeschool program? Ty in advance.

    1. Michelle Padrelanan Post author

      The requirements for a student to take ALS is if he/she is overaged for high school and still has not graduated. Please go to a public school nearest your place or at BALS in Pasig.


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