Philippine Homeschool Conference 2015 Children’s Workshops

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We’ve received questions on Facebook and emails inquiring about activities for kids at the Philippine Homeschool Conference 2015 Ready For The World! We couldn’t immediately reply because we were still in the process of working it out. Finally, we are happy to present several arts and crafts workshops for your children to choose from. Of course, we understand that we love to bring our kids with us almost everywhere we go. Attending a homeschool conference is definitely not an exception. At the same time, we encourage parents to make the most of their day at the conference. So while you’re absorbing new information and basking in inspiration from our group of speakers, let your kidsRead more …

Event: Philippine Homeschool Conference 2015 – Ready for the World!

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When you ask homeschool parents on the reasons why they have decided to teach their children at home, the reasons are plenty. Usually, you would hear a variation of these: It is God’s will that they teach their children at home. They would like to instill in their children a deep love for the Lord. They would like to instill in their children a love for lifelong learning. They would like to see their children soar according to their gifts and natural talents. They don’t want to put their children through the daily grind of going to school. They want to save money. They want to prepare their children for their future. There are manyRead more …

Deped Alternative Learning System – A System Fit for Homeschoolers

Alternative Learning System for Homeschoolers

  This is an update of my previous post about Guitar Babe taking up DepEd ALS Exam. In my previous post, I wrote about how she was able to enroll in a college while she was waiting to take the exam. She took the exam last January 2015 and we waited with bated breath for the results. She was not very confident because she had a hard time with some of the Tagalog words. She admitted that there was a whole section of the exam that she just couldn’t understand because of the Tagalog statements. Don’t get me wrong please: my kids speak both English and Tagalog well but when it comes to deep-level TagalogRead more …


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We just finished TMA Homeschool’s 2015 Parents Conference last March 12, 2015 and it was a great success. We had almost 700 people on that day, about 200 more than what we had during last year’s Educating for Life Homeschooling Conference. It’s inspiring to see that the homeschool community is growing and more families are now enjoying the benefits of educating their children at home. Being the event organizer, I was in and out of the conference halls making sure that everything was working out fine. I listened for a few minutes to Joy Mendoza’s talk and she reminded me so much of her mom, Deonna Tan-Chi. I shared in my previous post that TMARead more …

Our Homeschool Roots – TMA Homeschool


13 years ago I heard a group of parents talk about this thing they’ve been doing at home for years – teaching their children at home! It was a novel idea at that time and I was even surprised to find that Filipino parents have actually been homeschooling already. I looked at the result of their hard work – their children – and I was in such awe! They had this young girl talk to us and tell their family’s story and she was amazing! Standing tall in front of the room and holding herself with confidence, not bravado, this young girl told us how their family handled some of the challenges they faced whileRead more …

Taking the ALS A&E Exam – Alternative Learning System Accreditation and Equivalency Test for Homeschoolers


Guitar Babe took the ALS A&E exam last Sunday, January 25, 2015. I may have mentioned in the past that she is already in college and is doing very well – she’s on the Dean’s List for the last two trimesters, however she got into her college without the benefit of her high school diploma. “What?! How did that happen???” You may be wondering. So let me back track a bit. My children have not been enrolled with any homeschool provider for the last two years. Because of this, Guitar Babe does not have a high school transcript / diploma. I found out from a teacher friend of mine about DepEd Alternative Learning System (ALS).Read more …

Frequently Asked Questions About Homeschooling

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Homeschooling gives flexibility and diversity when it comes to educational options for children. However, many are still skeptical about it since it’s very uncommon in a country where traditional schools are still viewed as the only foundations for quality education. Homeschooling is a teaching style where parents become their children’s teachers. Instead of sending their kids to school, they teach their children at home. The variety of homeschooling differs on how parents want their children to learn. Some parents make homeschooling similar to a traditional school, with children studying the same lessons and subjects that are being learned by private/public school students. Other parents, on the other hand, are less traditional and follow an approachRead more …

Post-Event Thoughts on Educating for Life Homeschooling Conference 2014 – Remembering Our Homeschool Vision

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Last September, Manila Workshops and The Learning Basket, co-sponsored by Unilab and The Learning Library, held the Educating for Life Homeschooling Conference at the Bayanihan Center. It was attend by 470 people. It was awesome! I was there as the Event Director of Manila Workshops. This was my first event and it was a baptism of fire for me because I was thrown into such a huge event. Of course, being a homeschool mommy for the last 12 years, the homeschool community is like second home to me. But I have a confession to make: before this, I have almost forgotten about my passion and vision for homeschooling. When our baby Zac died in 2012,Read more …

Win 2 Tickets to Educating For Life Homeschooling Conference 2014 and Bee Happy Crafts Materials

Picture of the Prize

The online registration is ending very, very soon – as in  a few hours from now. The early bird rate is also over. You can still walk-in on the day itself and pay the full rate. It’s still very much worth it because of what you’ll be learning from homeschooling parents, the homeschool materials you’ll find and all the great raffle prizes and giveaways that we have for our attendees. But I have great news for you! I’m giving away 2 free tickets to the homeschooling conference plus a pack of craft materials from Bee Happy Crafts. This will be a very quick giveaway, 2 days only, because the conference is coming up on Sept.Read more …

Tips to Enjoy Our Homeschooling Conference 2014 – Educating For Life

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Educating for Life: Homeschooling with Passion, Purpose and Confidence is fast coming up. Only 1 more week to go and we are going to be seeing each other there (if you’re one of our attendees). Have you thought about how you’re going to prepare for the conference? If not, I’m here to tell you about the day and how you can use it to gain the most experience. 1. Plan to come early. We open registration at 8:00 am. Once inside, feel free to roam around our sponsors’  booths and enjoy what they have to offer. Discounts and freebies await those visiting our sponsors. 2. Wear comfortable clothes. We are all families and parents inRead more …