Event: Philippine Homeschool Conference 2015 – Ready for the World!

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When you ask homeschool parents on the reasons why they have decided to teach their children at home, the reasons are plenty. Usually, you would hear a variation of these: It is God’s will that they teach their children at home. They would like to instill in their children a deep love for the Lord. They would like to instill in their children a love for lifelong learning. They would like to see their children soar according to their gifts and natural talents. They don’t want to put their children through the daily grind of going to school. They want to save money. They want to prepare their children for their future. There are manyRead more …

The HAPI Swordfight! From Underdogs to Overall Champions

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 Beautiful sword pens given away to participants If you were unable to join the HAPI Swordfight! last October 22 , then you missed a lot! The first time I heard about the Swordfight, a Bible quiz for homeschool students and parents, I immediately felt intimidated by it. I thought it might be like one of those national tests that would test how much Bible we have been teaching our kids. And if our kids fail, oh no, what that will mean for me, their homeschool teacher! Gladly, the HAPI leader of Swordfight!, Mrs. Irma Chua, reassured us that it will all be just fun and games. A chance to come together with other homeschoolers, meetRead more …

The 1st Philippines Homeschool Fair by HAPI

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Last May 21, we attended the very 1st Philippines Homeschool Fair by HAPI or Homeschool Association of the Philippine Islands. It was an exciting day for us as our two daughters are performing in the talent showcase. I was also looking forward to meeting more homeschool families and watching their talented children. We watched so many homeschoolers show their talents in music and dance. We renewed friendships with fellow homeschool moms that we haven’t seen for awhile and got to meet other families as well. It is encouraging to see the number of homeschoolers that attended the fair. We were in awe of the various projects that the homeschooler exhibited. We didn’t participate in theRead more …