Review: Medela Pump In Style Advanced Breast Pump

When my son, Zac, was born 7 weeks premature, one of the first things the neonatologist told me was that I had to provide breastmilk for him. Breastfeeding was not a problem for me since I’ve breastfed four babies in the past. The problem was that Zac was still in an incubator and would be staying there for a minimum of one month. How could I provide breastmilk when there was no way Zac could breastfeed from me? Without a baby suckling on my breast, I worried that I won’t be able to produce much milk. Online casino Ireland. ###

But I was a very determined mom. I had to provide the best source of nutrition for my baby. The day after giving birth, my husband bought me the Medela Pump In Style Advanced backpack. I had never used a Medela in the past, but had read about how good it is. I had no doubt that it would help me to produce as much milk as I can for my son.

With the use of malunggay supplements, hand massages and constant pumping, I was amazed that I’m able to produce milk. In two days after the first time I used my pump, my breast was swollen with milk. I kept to a three-hour pumping schedule and was able to produce from 18 to 24 oz of milk daily. I had so much milk stocked in my freezer, I started giving away some of my milk to other babies in the NICU. By the time my son came home, my frozen milk had taken over half our our freezer.

Pump In Style BP Backpack-02

Everyday my son was in the ICU, I brought fresh milk that I pumped from home. Not wanting to miss any pumping session, I brought my breast pump with me whenever I came to visit my son. I really like that the pump came in its own sturdy black backpack. The motor had its own permanent place in the bottom of the bag. It opened in front so that I could connect the tubes and plug conveniently.

If I or hubby would bring my milk from home, it travelled in a black, insulated cooler bag. An ice pack comes with it and is shaped to fit 4 4-oz standing bottles. When travelling in the cooler bag, we never worry that any of my precious liquid gold has spilled.

The Medela Moms, Maricel and Beng, are both very supportive of breastfeeding mothers. They are always available whenever I have questions about the pump, about breastfeeding or about other products. Even if they’re not able to answer immediately, my emails to them were usually answered within 24 hours after I’ve sent it.

The best thing I liked about my Medela Pump In Style is its pumping power. It’s an electric double pump which meant I could express a total of about 4-8 oz of milk at every session. Each pumping session lasted 15-20 minutes. If I wanted to express more milk, I would take a half hour rest, massage my breast, and express some more.

In just two weeks of continuous pumping, I was producing milk as if my baby was nursing from my breasts directly. Since I scheduled my pumping sessions, my breasts would swell with milk every three hours. So swollen that I was compelled to express it or otherwise suffer through it. My breast pump never failed me in its efficiency in emptying my breasts each time.

So it’s true that even if you’re not directly breastfeeding, you could still establish a good supply of milk just by using a very effective breast pump – in my case it’s the Medela Pump In Style Advanced. The Medela breast pumps from MedelaMoms Inc. are from Switzerland, not from the USA. The main difference of pumps from the Switzerland and pumps from the US is that the Switzerland pumps have a stronger motor capacity than the US-made pumps.

I used my pump daily, round the clock for 24 hours, 8 times a day. I have no alternative pump, and the motor has not conked out.

This pump is pricey but it’s worth every penny. The way I see it, the privilege of providing the best and perfect food for your baby can’t be bought.

To clarify, I bought my pump from the only importer and supplier of Medela products here in the Philippines, The MedelaMoms Inc. Maricel and Beng are two mothers who also breastfed their own babies. Their advocacy is to help mothers here in the Philippines have the best breastfeeding experience. They also help collect breastmilk from their network of breastfeeding mommies to give to babies in need through the breastmilk bank in Philippine General Hospital. MedelaMoms also offer breastpump service to their customers, hold breastfeeding seminars and other seminars related to motherhood. Here’s their milkletting activity for the benefit of babies affected by Yolanda. 

UPDATE: The Medela Pump In Style Advanced is no longer carried by MedelaMoms because it was phased out some time ago. Instead, it had been replaced by an equally efficient and better pump – The Medela Swing Maxi.


“The Swing MAXI replaces the Pump in Style Advanced Breastpump in the Medela’s breastpump product line. It is a definite improvement! It is more portable, lighter, easier to lug around… all this on top of the PISA’s fantastic features which it retains (e.g. strong suction, 2-phase expression technology, double pumping option, and durability). Along with the Freestyle, it is meant to be heavy duty (its 12v motor can take round the clock, every 2 hrs usage if you are exclusively pumping or increasing your milk supply). Best of all, it is more affordable than the PISA! At P13,500 per unit (regular price), you can count on this pump to give you and your baby the quality output only a Medela pump can provide coupled with the excellent after sales service and loyalty benefits of purchasing from the exclusive, authorized distributor in the Philippines : ) Good deal for breastfeeding families across the nation : )”

Contact the MedelaMoms here.

DISCLAIMER: This is a product that I used and highly recommend. I am not paid to write this review.


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