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It’s a Family AfFAIR 2015: For Breastfeeding Moms and Users of Medela Breast Pumps

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It's a Family AfFAIR 2015

For new parents, breastfeeding moms, all mommies and daddies in general: Have you been eyeing that Medela breast pump for a long time and you’re just waiting for the perfect time to buy > A SALE <? Well, that time has come. Announcing “It’s a Family AfFAIR” – an event where all your favorite baby supplies sellers come together so you can buy all you have in your list in the comfort and security of the Medela House. When: January 24, 2015, Saturday Time: 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM Where: Medela House – 29 1st Street, New Manila, Quezon City See the poster for more details. Enjoy yourselves!     Enter your email address:Delivered byRead more …

Event: How To Win Over Breastfeeding Challenges–Talk and Book Signing

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More than 18 years ago, when I was still a very young mom-to-be, I made the important decision to breastfeed all my children. When my first baby arrived, I was eager to breastfeed but did not receive support from my family. Hubby was very supportive but it was just him and myself against the rest of my family of origin. Because of my perseverance, my milk came in about 3-4 days after the birth of Guitar Babe. My breasts were so full of milk. But I was faced with so many challenges: I was required by my boss (who was also my dad) to go back to work a month after delivery; I had aRead more …

MedelaMoms Launch "Seeing Doubles": A Support Group for Moms with Multiples

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Whether you are a first-time mother or consider yourself a “veteran,” MedelaMoms Maricel Cua and Beng Feliciano have your best interests in mind, especially when it comes to making sure you are able to give your child the best nutrition, i.e. breastmilk. Committed to being more than just the Philippines’ authorized distributor of the most well-known and trusted brand of breastfeeding products, MedelaMoms is all about supporting mothers and babies in their breastfeeding journey. This is why they organize learning events related to breastfeeding and parenting, provide breastfeeding counseling if needed, and help coordinate breast milk donations whenever necessary, among other things. MedelaMoms wants to be one with you, moms out there, in breastfeeding. EveryoneRead more …

Review: Medela Pump In Style Advanced Breast Pump

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When my son, Zac, was born 7 weeks premature, one of the first things the neonatologist told me was that I had to provide breastmilk for him. Breastfeeding was not a problem for me since I’ve breastfed four babies in the past. The problem was that Zac was still in an incubator and would be staying there for a minimum of one month. How could I provide breastmilk when there was no way Zac could breastfeed from me? Without a baby suckling on my breast, I worried that I won’t be able to produce much milk. But I was a very determined mom. I had to provide the best source of nutrition for my baby.Read more …