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I first met Ginger Arboleda during the 1st WAHMderful workshop in 2012 where I was one of the panelists. I was curious who it was that Blissmaker Martine de Luna partnered with in putting up the very first WAHM workshop. Ginger was a very dynamic, young woman. I immediately spoke to her about my husband and told her that I wanted to plan something with her. Hubby and I met with her together to discuss it, and though those plans did not push through, Ginger and I remained connected through Facebook and other blogger events. Online casino Ireland. ###

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Through the years, I observed Ginger and Manila Workshops and how it has steadily grown. I was surprised one day last year when she invited me to be a part of Manila Workshops as Event Director of last year’s Educating for Life Homeschooling Conference. As one of her Event Directors, I got to observe Ginger and her work ethics. What absolutely leaped out to me was her unselfishness in helping people bring their business dreams to fruition. You see, while she was very busy working on her own business, she also made herself available to others without reserve. I saw how she would agree to meet with people and listen to them. I witnessed her open mind and her dedication to making her business work. She is open and willing to try anything that she believes would be a good business. Working with her, I witnessed her attention to the smallest details, her speed at work, her quick mind.

Last year she shared with me her vision of helping Filipinos become entrepreneurs. Here was a woman who did not only care to bring her business to success, but she cared enough to help others, too. So if you or anyone you know is itching to making their entrepreneurial dreams become a reality, join Love the Leap by Ginger Arboleda. Her promise: you’ll be ready to implement your business plans as soon as you finish the program. To register for Love the Leap, click here. If you hurry and register on or before Feb. 15, 2015, the fee is half the regular price.

Register for Love the Leap here.

About the Program

Every month, I will take in up to 15-20 courageous individuals and I will work with them by guiding them through an intensive program from planning to marketing their own business. This will be a hands-on workshop designed to create a tangible and viable plan that can help them succeed. The course is divided into 3 whole day sessions, with approximately a 1 week break in between, so participants can complete assigned homework that aim to further solidify their business ideas & plans.

Course Outline:

I. The Entrepreneurial Mindset and Coming up with a Business Idea
a. The Entrepreneurial Spirit!
b. Why are we doing this?
c. On Vacation and Still Earning?
*Activity on Passive income (the actual figure that I will aim for) and knowing your reasons
d. Business Ideation: Looking for that Bright Idea!

II. Planning
– Creating a viable Business Plan
a. Industry Research
b. Competitive Research and Analysis
c. Defining your Target Market
d. Defining your Vision and Mission
*Actual Market Research Project
e. Identifying your Unique selling Proposition
f. Creating Business Projections
g. Planning the company structures and processes
– Creating an Integrated Marketing Plan
– Defining Marketing Metrics

III. Marketing Plan
Marketing 101
Principles of Marketing
Segmentation and Targeting
Branding and Brand Positioning
Developing the Marketing Plan
Creating a Social Media Strategy!
Going to Market


This course will be held at the vOffice Fort Legend Tower, 10th Floor.


Filipinos, are you ready to take that leap? Do it with Ginger Arboleda – Love the Leap!

Register for Love the Leap here.


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