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13 years ago I heard a group of parents talk about this thing they’ve been doing at home for years – teaching their children at home! It was a novel idea at that time and I was even surprised to find that Filipino parents have actually been homeschooling already. I looked at the result of their hard work – their children – and I was in such awe! They had this young girl talk to us and tell their family’s story and she was amazing! Standing tall in front of the room and holding herself with confidence, not bravado, this young girl told us how their family handled some of the challenges they faced while homeschooling. After listening to them, I was hooked. I wanted the same things I saw in their children to be present in our children. Online casino Ireland. ###

Going home I immediately tried to find out all I can about homeschooling and how I could possibly do it. One of the parents in that small group told me to try TMA Homeschool. I called and found out that there was an orientation in a few days. That first orientation and the ones to follow later on at TMA Homeschool became my foundation for teaching our children. As I read their website today, I realized that much of my foundation in homeschooling I learned from TMA. The passion I had to see my children experiencing real success in their lives was built in me as I listened closely to Pastor Peter Tanchi and Deonna 13 years ago. After my husband attended his first orientation, our decision was sealed that we would homeschool our kids.

13 years have passed and my passion to spread the word about homeschooling has not waned. This year, Manila Workshops and The Learning Basket presents TMA Homeschool’s 2015 Parents Conference – Set Them Up for Success.


“Are you a parent wondering what is the best kind of education for your child where he will learn and be successful someday? Are you a parent interested in knowing more about homeschooling?

If the answer to any of the above questions is a resounding “Yes!” then don’t miss the upcoming 2015 Parents Conference of TMA Homeschool at the Bayanihan Center, Unilab on March 12, 2015.

This event, entitled “Set Them Up for Success”, is set to enlighten and inspire you  to raise your children to become happy, responsible, productive  adults and leaders “wherever they are planted”. The event will run for a whole day and will consist of keynote topics like “Set Them Up for Success” and “Catching your Child’s God-given Bents for Success”. Speakers will include Edric Mendoza of TMA Homeschool and ANC’s On the Money and Jayson Lo, author of Younique.

Aside from keynote talks, the conference will also feature these workshops.

Workshops (A)

Track 1: How to do a Character-focused Education by Donna Simpao

Track 2: How to Do Multi-Level Homeschooling by Milona Barraca

Track 3: How to Homeschool through High School by Bles de Guzman

Workshops (B)

Track 4: How to Adjust Your Teaching Strategies for Effective Learning by Joy Mendoza

Track 5: Hooray for Dads Who Homeschool by Dennis Sy

Track 6: Q and A Forum

Contrary to what most people think, this conference is not just for TMA parents, it is for everyone who is interested and want to know more about homeschooling. You may register for this conference here. But you’ll have to hurry because we’re closing registration on March 9, Monday at 11:55 PM. If you do miss the online registration, you may walk in on March 12. You will, however, not have the chance to win the raffle prizes because raffle prize winners will be pre-drawn from the list of those who registered online.

Come and be blessed. The speakers are parents who have been in the trenches of homeschooling and know how it is to live the daily life of homeschooling. Be encouraged and inspired as you set your children for success!

Register for this conference here.

Want to know more about the conference from the point of view of the organizer? I’ll talk more about it on my next post. Hope to see you all there!


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