Our Dream Music Room– A Legacy for Future Generations

Music is a major part of our family’s life.  Gary D. and I met during our teens when we sang in our church choir. Here’s the oldest photo I found of the two of us singing in our Christmas Cantata in 1986. Can you guess where we are? That’s right, I’m the one in yellow, second from the right and he’s the thick-haired guy third from the left. Online casino Ireland. ###

As we became a little older, both of us became song leaders in church. To be more romantic about this, he fell in love with me when we were practicing for one of our Christmas cantatas. Smile

It’s not a surprise that our offspring are all musically gifted. Guitar Babe is aptly named because of her love for playing the guitar. I was only able to enroll her for less than a year of guitar lessons and she basically taught herself after that. That’s why for her last birthday, she told us that we can forego all sorts of gifts and parties, al she wanted was to buy a new electric guitar. Artsy Princess is an awesome singer (mommy bias considered) and teaches herself vocal techniques that she learns online. Just a few minutes ago, she was talking to her dad about runs and dips which both of us did not know much about. As early as I can remember, Artsy was already humming tunes. Some of our relaxing times at home are spent singing our favorite songs together.

That’s why when we build our own home, we will most definitely include an awesome music room where we could all sing and play instruments to our heart’s content. Guitar Babe further pushes that dream by making that music room into a recording studio. We visited a friend’s home last year and jammed in their music room that looked like this:

Photo Credit: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/337699672030119121/

I’m pretty sure that when our music room/recording studio is built, one of the things we would definitely have, aside from several guitars, 2 keyboards, music stands, and microphones, is an autotune 7, a tool for professional pitch correction that corrects pitch problems in solo vocals and instruments. I dream of the time when we can all bond over singing, record our songs and just sing our hearts out. Wouldn’t it be great if we can pass along professionally recorded songs of our family to our future generations? Hmm, this is a project that I’d love to do with Gary D. and the kids, even as we wait for our dream music room to be built.

Okay, I’m adding that to my bucket list. For now, back to my present reality. Smile


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