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If there’s one thing that PLDT is good at, it is promoting family bonding online and offline. We got to experience this when they treated our family and other families to watch The Amazing Spider-Man 2 at Eastwood Cinema last week.  It’s quite far from where we live but the movie was totally worth watching. Of course, we again met the adorable Diego and his mom Lara Ledesma, the family who manages the very popular Ask Diego fan page on Facebook. Diego is a seven year old boy who gives out advice to his fans on Facebook. He’s asked all kinds of questions but his family makes sure that he is able to answer most of the questions asked by also going online to search for good answers. Here’s Diego’s Mother’s Day greeting:

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Look at his reply to someone asking about being brokenhearted, I think he’s adorable and right!


Lara shares that their family is able to use all their gadgets and stay online all together because of PLDT Home DSL. PLDT Home DSL enables limitless sharing with strong, reliable family-sized connection.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Review:

We certainly enjoyed this movie. It is highly entertaining and fast-paced, never boring. I thought that this Spider-Man is more likable than its first installment. He loves his family and thoroughly understands his responsibility as a super hero. The love between Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy is palpable even as Peter tries to stay away from Gwen to stay true to his promise to Gwen’s dad. Gwen Stacy is independent, a young woman with a mind of her own who will not allow others to dictate to her. She is a beautiful role model for young women. The villains, Electro and Green Goblin, were both highly interesting and scary. The movie did not disappoint and left us wanting more. We went home happy and satisfied. PLDT was really able to enhance our family connection through this family movie.



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