“Why Are You Homeschooling?” and Other Tiring Questions

When our family and friends find out for the first time that we are homeschooling, I can already tell that there will be a barrage of questions. Questions like Online casino Ireland. ###

“Why are you doing that?”

“Why are you keeping your kids at home?”

“Why are you overprotecting them?”

“Is it cheaper to homeschool?” implying that we don’t have enough resources to send them to school.

So many questions which make us feel as if we need to explain our decision to them.

Consider this, when people ask you “Why?”, they are asking you to explain or to defend your decision.

Before doing so, stop and think about the person asking:

“Is it worth my time and effort to explain my decision to this person?”

“Does this person deserve an explanation?”

“What is his motive in asking me to explain?”

Most of the time, I’d see that the person asking is not really interested in the answer to the question. Some are ready to debate with me, trying to prove something. Some have the feeling that I may be critical of parents who send their kids to regular school. Some just want something to talk about and pass on to others (tsismis). When I see this, I don’t even bother to answer the questions.

The people with whom we should take the time to talk about homeschooling are those who are really interested in the welfare of our children such as the grandparents, aunts, uncles and other concerned relatives. Even after tons of explanation, most people still won’t understand it. After years of homeschooling, I learned not to care as much anymore if people understand our lifestyle or not. However, now that we’ve been doing this for eight years, my relatives are the first to praise our children and to announce to people that they are homeschooled.

I also explain as much as I can to parents who are considering to homeschool their children.

So don’t tire yourself out with explanations to every other person that asks you “Why this?” or “Why that?”. Not everyone is really interested in our answer.


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