Happy Valentine’s Day! Valentine Blog Posts Collected Around the Web

Happy Valentine’s Day! I have enjoyed reading blog posts around the net about Valentine’s Day so I decided to create this post curating the one’s I like best and to share them all with you. I hope you enjoy reading them! Then after reading, go out and celebrate this one day of the year when everybody is free to proclaim their love publicly for their significant other. Online casino Ireland. ###

I’m starting this off with a friend’s article on MomCenterPh that sparked such a lively and transparent discussion among the women of Manila Work-At-Home Moms. Homeschool mom and Owner of The Learning Basket, Mariel, collated our answers and gave 3 Ways to Spice Up Your Marriage After Kids. You’ll find my comments in her article and what I said about loving my husband of 18 years.

The Nanay Notebook’s Blessie, writes about husband envy on social media and why she loves her imperfect husband.  Author, blogger and business owner Teresa talks about her husband and  how to Recognize Love in the Little Every Day Things. Blissmaker, blogger and branding expert, Martine, shares the insights she has gained on six years of marriage. Speaking of loving our husbands, I also wrote two posts on this subject: Four Ways to Love Your Husband and Tangible Ways to Show Love to Your Husband. Wifely Steps’ Toni shares a very important Marriage Tip: Be Each Other’s Cheerleader, something I strongly agree with.

If you have run out of ideas on how to celebrate Valentine’s Day, Glam-O-Mama shares ideas on what to do indoors, outdoors and at home. I kinda like her lingerie fashion show idea. If those are not enough, Mamanees’s Nest also shares 10 Things to Do for Your Husband This Valentine’s Day. The Vanilla Housewife takes a realistic and humorous look and shares her game plan for this day. I suggest you read her blog and get ready for loads of laughs!

Sweet and supportive mommy blogger, MrsC, shares her thoughts on her son’s very first Valentine. Oh, I don’t know if I could support my son like she did. But as early as last year, my 6 year old Flash Boy is already talking about having a girlfriend! I can relate with MrsC!

NanayStrip attends a wedding at Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar and found ways to turn this into a romantic date for her and hubby. Now if you happen to be among those who are single and dateless on this love day, don’t despair because Mom Chronicles shares fun ways to survive this day and not feel like you’re the odd one out.

Ah love! On this special love day, let’s not forget the Originator of love, the One who loves us the most, God our Heavenly Father, who modeled love to us which is why we also know how to love. Below is a post I found from one of my favorite blogger and author, Ann Voskamp, that reminds us all what true love is.

Enjoy your Valentine’s Day!

Oh, and if you have a post about Valentine’s Day, please feel free to share your link on the comments.


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  1. The Vanilla Housewife

    Hi Michelle! What a great round-up you made here! I am new to the group and I feel so at home already. Working on getting around as many blogs as I can. Will check out the others within the weekend hopefully. It’s great to interact with fellow Pinay moms in the blogosphere! And thank you so much for the shout out. Appreciate it a lot! Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your husband! :)

  2. nanaystrip

    Thanks Michelle! Happy heart’s day! Mom bloggers from our group (especially your very honest comments :) inspired me to write this V-day post. Hope to finally meet you in the coming months. Enjoy the day! :)

  3. Kai Sensei

    Wow so many links to vday stories out there! hmmm I think I might read the one for singles and see what she has to suggest. :) In all honesty, I had struggled with Vday for most of my life so I’m very pleased to have this new outlook about it and was able to blog it as well. thanks for visiting and for also letting me know, read, and see other people’s opinions about vday. :) Hope you enjoyed yours as well! Belated happy hearts day!


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