Homeschooling Through Sicknesses, Pregnancies and Other Distressing Times

Through the nine years we have homeschooled, we’ve gone through two pregnancies, two deaths of close family relatives, countless sicknesses and hospital confinements,  and even transferred homes two times. The most distressing periods were the times when Gary D. left to work abroad – one in 2000 and the next in 2008.

My children and I are, unfortunately, plagued with all sorts of allergies. It’s one of the things my genes have passed on to them. It’s hard to have to deal with it. Certain kinds of foods have placed my children in the hospital. Dust mites, pollens and change in temperatures bring on allergic rhinitis, skin asthma and  asthma attacks. The stress of it all has sent me to the hospital with asthma attacks. Online casino Ireland. ###

These things have caused a disruption in our homeschool schedule. Most of the time, even if I have planned their schedule carefully, we are never able to follow it faithfully. I’m sure it has to do with man making his plans and God having plans of His own.

I admit, the disruption causes me to experience a high amount of stress. I just want to keep teaching the children and stick to the plan, but how can I when I have to deal with one of them getting sick and needing attention?

Although these situations do set us back for a time, I have never thought of giving up. I saw these periods as opportunities for the children to learn practical living. When mom has to attend to one of their siblings in the hospital or attend to some other things, they have to learn to care for themselves at home. They still have to study what they can, help with house chores and care for each other.

A few years ago, I attended a homeschool conference where the speaker’s first statement was “Wherever you are right now in your homeschool is exactly where God wants you to be.” Hearing this from a homeschooling mom has changed my mindset about our disruption in schedule. I was freed from the fear of delaying my children’s studies. You see, though it may be true that the children will experience some delay in their studies, it’s also true that they will learn even more from their first hand experience of real, everyday living.  And it’s also true that you and your children can definitely make up for lost time.

So, moms and dads, when the stresses of daily living seem to have caught up with you, and you start becoming anxious about your children’s education, don’t let the fear overcome you. Consider this an opportunity to teach them about dealing with life’s different and difficult situations. As they watch you pray to God, their young faith will be strengthened. These children will learn much more as they watch their parents handle a stressful period in their lives.


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