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I have been observing Ms. Janette Toral for about two years now and I find her so admirable. She is truly a digital influencer and knows what she is talking about. I have been able to attend an one of her free webcasts before and learned so much from her. Since then, I’ve been praying to attend her Certified Blog and Social Media Entrepreneur Program but the tuition stops me. Online casino Ireland. ###

When I learned about the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs 2014 Writing Project and found out that joining this would qualify me to attend as a delegate to the Digital Influencers Marketing Summit, I simply couldn’t pass it up.  This is also a chance for me to appreciate some of my blogger friends who I believe are very influential in their own fields.

These are my choices for the Top 10.

1. Mommy Bloggers Philippines – Another blog created by a very enterprising and resourceful mommy blogger, Lani. She envisioned a community of mom bloggers who are united in their common goal of blogging. This is a peaceful and fun community to be in. Through her blog, she has already created her own tribe.

2. Knowing Ropes – A teacher’s personal blog whose aim is to share her personal experiences and to answer her students’ numerous questions. It’s great that she cares enough to reach more students through her blog.

3. The Dailypedia – A news site that serves the latest news to their readers making the world a smaller place.

4. Sole Searching Soul – A less-than ordinary travel blog by a blogger who writes about her travels in the country and around the world. She inspires others to love the Philippines more through her blog.

5. Nutri Facts in the Packs – Here’s a great health blog that aims to help consumers understand the nutrition facts we find in the labels of our food.

6. Eats Now or Never – A visually appealing food blog that will make you want to go out and eat!

7. Matakaw Na Bata – Another visually appealing food blog that can hold its own against the popular food blogs already out there.

8. Delightfully Desserts – A ‘sweet’ blog about sweets that will delight anybody’s sweet tooth!

9. Fervil SEO Blog – If you want to understand SEO, this is the go-to blog. His articles are well-written and easy to understand. Truly deserving to be on this list.

10. Cagayan de Oro’s Breathing SpaceIt’s wonderful that this blogger writes about the beauty of living in a city that’s not Metro Manila. By reading his articles, I am also inspired to visit CDO again.

The above are my votes for this year’s Most Influential Emerging blogs. Below are the blogs that have influenced my online life.

1. Mommy Ginger I consider her the Princess of Social Media because she makes use of her blogs and her social media accounts so well, not only in promoting her business, but also in helping to market other brands.  She is truly a digital influencer.

2. Make It Blissful – A blog by a group of mommy bloggers that was made possible by their leader, Martine. She has influenced a large group of work-at-home moms and mom bloggers to live their lives according to their own bliss. Just one look at her blog calms you down and inspires you to take hold of your dream and live it.

3. Not Your Ordinary Mum – A blog by a good friend of mine who shares about her experiences as a work-at-home mom. She is amazing as she tries to juggle her work responsibilities with caring for her family.

4. Wifely Steps – A blog started when the blogger, Toni, was still newly married and discovering what married life is. Many years down the road, she has grown and her blog has grown with her. She writes about her married life, motherhood, food and anything in between.

5. The Techie Mom – Many of us are bloggers but only a blessed few have the technical knowledge behind our blogs. That’s what The Techie Mom, Jennyfer, is to all of us. She is our rescuer when we’ve done something to destroy our blogs, our teacher when we are all scratching our heads, our go-to when we just can’t figure out how to migrate our blogs from Blogspot to WordPress.

6. Roller Coaster RideThis charming mommy talks honestly about her blended family and inspires us all to love and laugh in our own roller coaster rides of life.

7. Mrs. C’s Sugarcoated Life I truly love Mrs. C for her honest and sometimes funny outlook in life. She writes about her cooking which I have yet to try, her family and the places they go to.

8. Teach With Joy Joy’s blog is so inspiring to moms and homeschool families that she has already built up her own following. She writes honestly about her marriage, family life, and her faith and shares the lessons she’s learned to her readers.

9. The Learning BasketAnother influential blogger, homeschooler and mompreneur who advocates gentle learning and love for reading on her blog.

10. Truly Rich MomA true influencer to the Catholic homeschool community, Tina, loves to write about homeschooling and her faith. In the process, she has influenced many moms to see where their true wealth lies.

This writing project is sponsored by the following:

I enjoyed creating this blog post because it allowed me to show appreciation to all these fellow mommy bloggers. I am proud to say that though I’ve met nine of them online, I have become friends with each one of them in real life.

If you would like to participate in this project, and you only have a few hours to do it, go to the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs 2014 Writing Project to find out how.


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  1. Patty | MrsC

    Oh wow, Michelle, I am so honored to be a part of this list! I remember that you were a speaker at the first ever blogger workshop that I attended. For you to have recognized my blog as an emerging influencer really means so much. Thank you! :)

      1. Patty | MrsC

        Yes, Blog Inspired! :) That’s where we first met, and I was so inspired by you and your story. It was after that when I really started blogging seriously. :) Thank you for being part of my start! :)


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