Book Review: Disciple Like Jesus for Parents by Alan Melton and Paul Dean

Disciple Like Jesus

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Publisher: Xulon Press

Disciple Like Jesus for Parents – Following Jesus’ Methods and Enjoying the Blessings of Children, written by Alan Melton and Paul Dean, is a book for parents, grandparents who are committed to seeing that their children and grandchildren grow in the knowledge of the Lord and will obey God’s will for their lives.

The book starts with the reasons and passages in the Bible that show that it is God’s will and command for parents to take full responsibility for discipling their children. Discipleship and the study of God’s word should not be given over to others, but it is the parents who should disciple their own children from birth. Discipleship is also a process that will continue on for the rest of the natural lives of the parent and child.

It then moves on to how parents can go about discipling their children. The example studied is how Jesus discipled his own 12 disciples – he stayed with them, lived with them, taught them, knew them well, prayed for them, and finally sent them out in twos. Even after having sent them out, he prepared them for the ‘wolves’ that they will soon be meeting.

How appropriate that this book was written at this time, when we see so many troubled children – teens and adults alike – all around us. Parents are challenged that if they love the Lord, they will do as He commands and teach their own children about His ways and His will. It takes a comprehensive look at how Jesus took care of His 12 disciples and explains how we can apply this to our own children. The authors are realistic in their writing in that they know that there are so many distractions that parents face today, but they also continue to challenge parents to make hard choices for their children’s sake.

Disciple Like Jesus is a ministry whose purpose is to show parents, grandparents and church leaders that children who grew up in church are not being discipled resulting in children that stray away from the Christian faith when they grow up. It seeks to enlighten, encourage and equip parents and grandparents to disciple their children.

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