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Manila WAHMS

One of the things that may affect you while working from home is isolation. In my 11 years of doing almost everything from home, I’ve had to battle the loneliness and isolation that I usually feel. When I do go out, it’s hard to find someone who understood the kind of lifestyle we chose. Most people think that staying at home meant a lot of free hours to do whatever I want, but it is the exact opposite. As a WAHM, my day is super busy. From the moment I wake up to the time I give in to sleep, it’s as if I never stop working. Truth to tell, even homeschool moms are so busy with their own families we hardly have time to meet up. We humans were never created to go at it alone, God specifically created us to need other people. Online casino Ireland. ###

I first knew about Martine de Luna when she was still a very young homeschool Ate Martine. She was then helping out homeschool families and planning field trips. I followed her blog when she got married and became a mother. I suppose it was at that time when she went through transition and became a WAHM herself and started blogging as Dainty Mom.  When she started The Manila Work-At-Home Moms Group on Facebook, I joined the group immediately.

Here I found an answer to the isolation and loneliness that I felt with our lifestyle. As it turns out, there are a LOT of women who are working from home and MORE women aspiring for the work from home lifestyle. With the Manila WAHMS, I gained plenty of friends, if only online, who had dreams and desires as I did. As a group, we inspired each other, shared our life experiences and encouraged each other to push on. We networked among each other and gave each other jobs and job leads. Mind you, if you were to join us with the purpose of finding more people to market any MLM or online networking group, you may be booted out, as that is not what we are.

Don’t just take it from me, I asked other members of the Manila WAHMS to share how the group has inspired/helped/encouraged them. Here’s a peek:

The job/biz opp networking and idea sharing are great. But just plain knowing you’re not alone in your WAHM journey is enough. ~ Karen Manahan-Singson, 35yo, WAHM-turned-SAHM (for the time being), mom to Vitto (5yo) and Maggie (7 wks), and the Manic Mommy behind

This group helped me to realize what a support group for moms working from home really mean. This is not just a place to network for possible job leads, but you can also rant about moms not being super women and people will understand. – Noemi Cariaso-Mora, 40+yo , Web content specialist with 3 kids (13, 12 and 5yo),

This group gave me the push I needed to become a WAHM. Seeing the success stories of other mommies here showed me that with hard work, dedication and persistence, I could take care of my child full time and still earn enough money to contribute to our household income. This group has been a great venue for me to find places where I can get work. I am now a fulltime VA because of this group. – Hana Pangan, 31, VA, 1 kid,

In a place where the norm is breastfeed for 2 to 6 months and thereafter, find a “real job” (as they call it), it’s quite hard to wake up each and everyday trying to explain to everyone my status as a WAHMie. This group has encouraged me to be firm in my decision to be a WAHM, and has kept me going breastfeeding for almost 12 months now. I’m not a blogger, but hopes to be one someday –Gela Hernandez-Villa, 31, mom to Emmett (turning 1yo in 2 wks), and my online shop is:

Knowing that there are so many successful WAHMs out there gave me the courage to finally take that leap. I’m planning to transition from a very secure job of almost 8 years as Director of Operations to run my own business. A baby store, no less.I have no clue how to do retail, but I love the challenge. The store has been live for a month now, and I’m already getting a lot of orders. I’m also joining my first bazaar on Saturday. I’m super excited and I’m so happy about this decision. Just reading how supportive some WHAMMIES are really continues to drive me. — Jade-Ceres Dolor-Munoz, 32 yo, Owner of BEANS Baby Store, mommy to 18-month-old

The WAHM network gave me the support and courage I needed to pursue other fields besides something that I’m comfortable with. The group also made me realize that I’m not alone in taking on mom and wife and homemaker concerns, and they me feel at ease being a WAHM.
- Melanie Francia Dychinco-Ty, 36, Freelance Gen. Transcriptionist and VA with 3 daughters.

I live far from most of the members of this group and haven’t seen any of you yet, yet I strangely feel a sense of kinship here. Knowledge-wise, this group is like no other, spewing forth endless tutorials, tips and tricks. However, what moves me more deeply is the attitude that we all seem to share—fiercely family-centric and reasonably ambitious. Michelle Asuncion Mabalod, 38, freelance writer, mom of 3 kids, blogger at

This group has helped me find other moms who understand the daily challenges I experience in working from home or running a business while striving to stick to my priorities. – Teresa Gumap-as Dumadag, 38, author/consultant/speaker/blogger, mom to Yanthy (5) and Mateo (almost 2).

This group has been so warm and welcoming from the get-go. I remember my very first post asking for help and almost in an instant somebody responded! It felt so reassuring that there are people who hear you and care to share what they know. I love the sisterhood, I love the honesty. And I especially I love how intelligent yet down to earth the people are. -Jennifer Rabe Professional Host/Emcee and Life Insurance Agent, PRULIFE UK. Mom to Joey (9)

This group inspires me to embrace the possibility of seamlessly incorporating my identity as a full time mom, wife, & writer into a viable lifestyle that works. – Vanessa Salas, freelance writer & full time homemaker, 3 year old boy,

This group came at a time I needed it. Reading the posts of other WAHMs makes me feel that I’m not alone, and tough times are rough but that something good comes out of it too. I also feel supported. I know that if I have questions or need help regarding work or being a WAHM, someone would at least try to help. So I want to do the same. It’s really a community. May De Jesus-Palacpac, 38, Offshore Marketing Assistant, 3 kids,

I never dreamt of becoming a writer because I never thought I can. This group showed me the ropes of how to be a better one, or at least, how not to make an embarrassing line or move involving relations with editors and source persons. Now I know where to turn to to verify content and styles before clicking “send” for publication.
-Jazer Basan, 40-something, artist, writer and stay-at-home mother, 2 kids

If you are now a WAHM or wanting to be one, come and join The Manila WAHMs on Facebook. You’ll find support, help and encouragement here. Better yet, come and meet us at The Wahmderful Weekend where you’ll get a chance to meet other WAHMs and learn about this lifestyle. Spearheaded by The Manila Workshops and Wahmderful Life, this is a one-day celebration and learning event that will take place on Sunday, October 27, 2013, 9:00AM – 5:00PM at the SMX Convention Center, Bonifacio Global City. For more details and registration, go here.

Work At Home Wahmderful Weekend

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