The Benefits of Having a Personal Trainer

When we started our Padrelanan Family Health and Fitness Challenge, I shared that we hired a personal trainer for our family. Though I considered it a major investment by taking a huge dip from our monthly budget, it’s the best decision that we have made in our life so far. Apart from salvation and getting married, that is. Online casino Ireland. ###

personal trainer benefits

In the five weeks that we have been training with our coach, Sani Adarme, we all have progressed by leaps and bounds! Here are the benefits we have gained from having a personal trainer:

  1. Consistency in our workout schedules – Since we are now working with a coach, we all have a set schedule to adhere to. This schedule ensures that we are all working out and not give in to our old excuses for not working out.
  2. Personalized and effective workouts – Though we are a family who collectively wants to lose weight, we still have different physical make-up and slightly different goals. Hubby wants to build up his muscles, Guitar Babe is going for the more difficult CrossFit training that is so popular now, Artsy Princess is also working on supporting her spine for the improvement of her scoliosis and I have separate issues of strengthening my heart and improving my resistance. Coach Sani has taken note of all of these and more and gives us individualized workouts, thereby  helping us reach our goals faster.
  3. Gym Safety – Safety is a big issue for our coach. He takes the time to explain to us each of the machines we use and the moves we have to make. He observes us closely and makes sure that our form and execution is correct.
  4. Motivation – Working out and being on a diet is hard! The first two weeks for me were the hardest I’ve been through so far. I had to adjust to my body moving after years of being sedentary and I had to learn and still learning the Paleo diet for the whole family. I always talk to my coach about the things that are on my mind and he always takes time to motivate us. He’s a major source of support for us.
  5. Accountability – Our coach required each of us to have a small notebook where we have to record our workouts and our food intake. This notebook will have to be available anytime he asks for it. The reason is twofold: first for him to see what workouts we have been doing and to check on our food; for us it’s a motivation to see how far we’ve gone. Just the thought of having to record a cheat food and knowing he’ll take note of it (possible even make a sermon out if it) prevents me from eating it. Though we don’t see him during the weekend, we’re still mostly accountable to him for what we’ve eaten or if we have done any physical activity that weekend (and we had better have some).


The best thing for me is the help I get when dealing with the changes in my body and my mind. I’ve had many instances of doubt and fear. Doubts would run through my mind if this is something that I should really be doing, especially when my body is rebelling because I’ve taken it out of its comfort zone. The fear comes when I am facing a new workout and I don’t know if I can do it, whether I can lift the weights, or even survive through the sets. Coach Sani would reassure me that he knows I can do it. That reassurance is enough for me to push myself beyond my limits. If the reassurance is not enough, he can sometimes trigger me to a state where I’m so angry at what he’s making me do that I’ll prove to him that I can do it. Funny somehow, right? But once I’ve done my workout, breathless with parts of my body aching, I can still find a happy smile a few breaths later knowing that I’ve pushed myself again and again and have come out of it victorious.


Having a personal trainer to coach you in your workouts is a good thing, but all of these benefits would be null without that one thing that you need to give to your coach first:


Trust that he knows what he’s doing, that he’s just as determined as we are to help us reach our goals. In the past five weeks, so many of my previous beliefs have been transformed because I decided to trust in my coach. When before I thought I couldn’t lift anything heavy, just this morning he made me do back squats with a 60 lb barbell on my shoulders! The hubby has been getting compliments left and right because he decided to trust his coach. Guitar Babe has progressed steadily because she closely follows his instructions.

So if you’re on your own journey to health and fitness, consider getting yourself a personal trainer. It may well be one of the best decisions you make for your health.

By the way, Coach Sani has his own inspiring weight loss story to tell, but that one deserves a blog post of its own.


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